Experts' Picks

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Don Banks

The Chiefs vaunted running game can't hurt the Colts quite so much if Peyton Manning and Co. jump out to a sizable early lead in their home dome.
Colts 27, Chiefs 17

Seattle's defense continues Tony Romo's late-season slide, and the 'Hawks generate just enough offense to spark more retirement talk around Bill Parcells.
Seahawks 17, Cowboys 16

Patriots' vast playoff experience makes the critical difference in this riveting third chapter of the Bill Belichick-Eric Mangini Handshake Bowl.
Patriots 24, Jets 14

There will be no Eli Manning fourth-quarter comeback this time. The Eagles stay hot and maybe end the careers of both Tiki Barber and Tom Coughlin.
Eagles 31, Giants 17

Jeffri Chadiha

How can you bet against a team that needs a miracle to get into the postseason and then draws the NFL's worst rush defense in the first round? Larry Johnson runs for 200 yards.
Chiefs 21, Colts 20

As bad as the Cowboys have looked in recent weeks, the Seahawks have looked worse. Tony Romo regains his magic for at least one weekend.
Cowboys 24, Seahawks 14

Beating Bill Belichick and Tom Brady in the regular season is one thing. Doing it in the playoffs, at Foxboro, will be an impossible task for Eric Mangini and his team.
Patriots 21, Jets 17

The Giants couldn't handle the Eagles late in the season and nothing changes here. It's been nice knowing you, Tiki. Eagles 28, Giants 24

Nunyo Demasio

The best defense against Larry Johnson will be Indy's third-ranked offense, which has scored on 15 of its past 27 possessions. Manning & Co. will build a big lead to unleash Indy's pass rushers and Cover 2. Colts 37, Chiefs 20

It's a battle between teams slumping worse than the housing market. Dallas will delay the Parcells-or-T.O. decision for at least one more week in a high-scoring affair. Cowboys 34, Seahawks 27

The pupil (Eric Mangini) has closed the gap on his former tutor (Bill Belichick), but hasn't quite caught up. Look for a postgame handshake chillier than one between Rosie O'Donnell and Donald Trump.
Patriots 24, Jets 13

Benchwarmer-to-SI coverboy, Jeff Garcia has his magical ride halted as New York's Jekyll-and-Hyde outfit shows its best side. By half time, Philly fickle fans are calling for A.J. Feeley. Giants 28, Eagles 14

Peter King

Three stops. That's all the swiss-cheese Indy defense has to make, and I say the Colts do it in a down-to-the-wire job in the dome.
Colts 24, Chiefs 22

This pick makes no sense if you've watched Dallas for the last month. The difference in this one: Tony Romo does not err.
Cowboys 30, Seahawks 27

"This is a totally different level of competition and a different challenge for us," Eric Mangenius says. I agree. Pats rise. Jets learn. Patriots 19, Jets 13

Jeremiah Trotter, Brian Dawkins terrorize Tiki, and it's up to Eli Manning and single coverage to win this game. I say he won't do it.
Eagles 24, Giants 16

Michael Silver

The NFL's answer to the Fiesta Bowl, minus the cheerleader proposal--unless Reggie Wayne is feeling really, really frisky. Colts 38, Chiefs 35

It comes down to the quarterbacks, and the one going to the Pro Bowl (Tony Romo) loses out to the guy who has been to a Super Bowl (Matt Hasselbeck).
Seahawks 28, Cowboys 27

The Pats in the playoffs are a different beast: Bill Belichick runs it up on Eric Mangini, seeks him out postgame and bellows, "NOW, I'll shake your hand."Patriots 30, Jets 3

This time, there will be no miracle comeback. The real drama will be which Giants starter is the first to complain that New York was outcoached.
Eagles 23, Giants 17

Dr. Z

Can the Chiefs hang with the Colts? I don't think so, especially if quarterback Trent Green has to bail out the offense. Colts 31, Chiefs 20

If the Qwest Field noise doesn't get them, Dallas will go to a max protect system and give Tony Romo time to get them their upset. Cowboys 23, Seahawks 20

The Pats win if they have success on the ground to set up Brady's play-action passes -- and they contain New York's wide receivers. Patriots 17, Jets 13

Philly defensive coordinator Jim Johnson will bring as many men into the box as he feels necessary to stop Tiki Barber. Eagles 31, Giants 17