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Caption This: Reader Responses

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The "Joey Crawford" of soccer makes good on his request to fight, heck he took on both teams! -- Jeff, Spokane Valley, Wash.

Crowd surfing works best IN A CROWD! -- Mikey, Indianapolis

Moonwalking after scoring a goal is one thing. Tacking on a touch of "the robot" will get you a kick to the head. -- Erik, Austin, Texas

Why is this player signaling "First Down!"? They only do that in American football. -- Bob, Frankfort, Mich.

Whoa! The goalie has dog poop on his shoes! -- Bobby, Bridgeport, Mich.

You should not be showing this picture 2 days before the NFL draft. Next thing we'll hear is the Lions are interested in his vertical leaping ability. -- Robert, Ann Arbor, Mich.

The team takes a quick time out to perform their interpretative dance number, called "The Human Kaleidoscope." -- BMo, New York City

Forget Russell and & Quinn, Al Davis should use the first pick on this short-yardage back. -- Scott, New York City

I dont have a caption but it is my birthday so please post me? -- Randy, Germantown, Wisc.

This the strangest limbo line I have ever seen. -- Randy, Milwaukee

While everyone else was in a melee, No. 11 could only think about his new robot move! -- Cisco, Stillwater, Okla.

The latest tactic for making soccer more entertaining: shooting goalies out of a cannon. -- Bradley, Huntsville, Ala.