Caption This: Reader Responses

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You really think that guy in the stands could pitch for us? -- Lino, Austin, Tx.

That version of the National Anthem was just alright for me, dawg! -- Dave, Northampton, Pa.

The New York brain trust contemplates its next move in the "Rock, Paper, Scissors" tournament. -- Sam, Bessemer City, Nc.

The Yankees "decoy" pitching formation is formidable indeed, but is it really worth $7.3 billion per season? -- Erik, Austin, Tx.

So, do you think there is any way we could conjure up the Great Bambino and get him back on our side? -- Steve, Mount Vernon, Ny.

The Yankees try a different approach -- to threaten the opposing team with menacing looks. -- Miriam, Al.

Side-splitter? No, the word was Steinbrenner! I love the telephone game. -- Mark, Austin, Tx.

Philosopher's Row! -- Keith, Danville, Va.

I ain't pitching, you gonna, pitch? Not me, I ain't pitching either. -- Robert, Frankford, De.

She's married. I see the ring on her hand. -- Aldo, Belton, Tx.

No wonder the Yankees are having troubles, everyone wants to play second base. -- Bradley, Huntsville, Al.

When do you think we should start turning it around? -- Ray, Sturgis, Mi.