Hot Clicks: May 25, 2007

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By Jimmy Traina

The Links...

GoDaddy Strikes Again

You'll be seeing a lot of Danica Patrick during this weekend's coverage of the Indy 500.:: Chris Walter/ has been in hot water in the past over Super Bowl commercials. Now, an Indianapolis 500 ad from the company featuring Danica Patrick and Playboy model Candice Michellehas been shevled.

Unlimited Dodger Dogs

An all-you-can-eat section at a baseball game? Yup. The Dodgers are giving back to the fans.

No Way, Jose

According to USA Today, a lot of people want to be onJose Canseco's new reality show.

Only In New York

Want to bring a bag into Yankee Stadium? No problem. Please check it at the bowling alley.

Nothing Better To Do In The Cayman Islands?

The unusually quiet Mark Cuban has finally updated his blog, while on vacation in the Cayman Islands. But don't get too excited. The Mavs owner doesn't weigh in on his team's embarrassing collapse. Instead, Cuban offers a solution to the NBA draft lottery problem.

One Steroids Column We Don't Mind

Also updating their blog this week is Alyssa Milano, who defends Jason Giambi and compares steroids to botox. Hey, if you're gonna have someone on your side, it might as well be Alyssa Milano.

Not Your Average Stat

When a graphic telling you how far a player has run during the game appears on a soccer telecast, do you ever wonder how that number was figured out? Former intern, and current Wall Street Journal blogger Carl Bialik raised the question and tried to get some answers.

On The Opposite End Of The Spectrum...

While soccer players are running miles and miles, lazy gamblers have gotten great news. You now can use updated wheelchairs to get around Las Vegas casinos. I can't wait til my next trip to Sin City! (Thanks to Rich O'Malley of Astoria, New York for the link.)

Video of the Day

What Can Happen At The Swimming Pool

It's Memorial Day weekend, and that means many of you will so some swimming over the next few days. Please be careful and avoid doing anything like this.

Another Game You Might Want To Avoid

Reader P.J. of Manhattan Beach, Calif., sent us a link to this commerical.

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