Hot Clicks: May 29, 2007

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By Jimmy Traina

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They're Serious About Their Pageants

Miss USA, Rachel Smith.:: Victor Chavez/

Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo was a judge at last night's Miss Universe 2007. That would've been enough for us to justify using a picture of Miss USA, Rachel Smith, in today's Hot Clicks. However, we have more. Smith fell during the competition and was then mercilessly booed by the Mexican crowd. And they say Philadelphia fans are the worst.

It Doesn't Hurt To Send An Invitation

Wouldn't you like to have your favorite athlete at your birthday party? We know, we know -- that sounds like a crazy idea. However, it worked for one family, who were able to get an NBA player to show up to their son's 16th birthday party. (Thanks to Jessica Fisher of Washington, D.C., for the link.)

We're Gonna Say This Won't Work

Daily Herald columnist Mike Imrem doesn't understand why women are attracted to athletes instead of sportswriters, so he's pleading his case to the ladies.

Sin City Strikes Again?

Why couldn't Chuck Liddell make it past the first round Saturday night against Rampage Jackson? This report says it was because Liddell enjoyed the Vegas nightlife a little too much.

Brady Speaks

Tom Brady finally talks about fatherhood, his taste in supermodels, becoming a prime target for the gossip columns and paparazzi and more in the upcoming issue of Details magazine.

We're Suprised It's Even 52

Don't be shocked, but compulsive gamblers in Pennsylvania aren't taking advantage of a state program that allows them to ban themselves from casinos.

You'd Think They'd Want To Drown Their Sorrows

Yankees manager Joe Torre and general manager Brian Cashman may be on the hot seat, but they're not the only ones affected by New York's terrible season. The losing is impacting the bars around Yankee Stadium -- and the scalpers!

Video of the Day

What Was Rasheed Wallace Really Thinking?

The folks at BlackSportsOnline have put their unique spin on LeBron James serving up a facial on Rasheed Wallace in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals. As a bonus, Marv Albert is at his finest in this clip. (Thanks to Henry of Cleveland for e-mailing the link.)

Those Crazy English Soccer Fans

This poor CNN reporter never had a chance.

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