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Hot Clicks: A-Rod, Romo news, trade Alba, LeBron goes off

By Jimmy Traina

The Links...

Fan Fights Back

Jessica Alba.:: Serge Thomann/

Fed up with Kobe Bryant's recent antics, this fan wants to be traded to the Miami Heat for Jimmy Buffet. He also offers up four other potential fan trades, including one for the Warriors No. 1 cheerleader, Jessica Alba.

A-Rod Saga: Day 3

What's the latest? The Yankees slugger was reunited with his wife, Cynthia, in Boston yesterday. And the blonde that A-Rod was spotted with appeared in an edition of Playboy Casting Calls.

Speaking of A-Rod...

Babes Love Baseball has put together a list of potential mistresses for Major League players. We not sure, though, the last one qualifies as a mistress.


Before the tattoos, crazy hair and marrying a Spice Girl, David Beckham was a normal 16-year-old kid. You can see for yourself here, as the Big Lead somehow got hold of Beckhman's old passport.

Putting Julio Franco To Shame

Baldwin Harbor, N.Y., was home to one of sports' most riveting matchups in recent history when a 93-year-old pitcher faced an 86-year-old batter in a softball game.

You Won't Leave Hungry

Chicago Bears defensive tackle Tank Johnson, who spent nearly $700 on junk food while in jail, wants to invite you to his Getting Out of Jail Party. (Thanks to Ryan Spoon of San Jose, Calif. for the link)

King Lives Up To His Name

LeBron James.:: Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

LeBron kinda went off last night.

Randy Romo

Earlier in the week, we told you that Jessica Simpson's camp wanted to set her up with Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, even though he was dating Carrie Underwood. It looks like the Simpson camp got their way.

This Probably Won't Sell Tickets

The Police reunion tour has been unbelievably lame. That's not according to a fan or critic, but A MEMBER OF THE POLICE!

Speaking Of Tickets ...

If you're a Philadelphia Eagles fan with hopes of scoring season tickets in your lifetime, you better stay healthy. The wait is 4,000 YEARS.

Video of the Day

Michael Jordan's Top 10 Assists

After LeBron James' night, it seems fitting we remember Michael Jordan.

We Like Katherine Heigl

Therefore we'll be making time this weekend to see Knocked Up. It helps that reviews have been very solid. Here's the trailer.

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