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Hot Clicks: June 4, 2007

By Jimmy Traina

The Links...

King or Daddy?

Savannah Brinson and LeBron James .:: Johnny Nunez/

LeBron Jamesmay have a big decision to make in the very near future. His girlfriend, Savannah Brinson, is due to give birth to the couple's second child on the same day as Game 5 of the NBA Finals.

It's A Good Thing They Don't Need The Money

Victoria Beckham has decided to pass on doing a reality show (for $20 million) so she can watch her husband David play soccer.

Craigslist Is Free

It seems fans aren't too happy with a reality show that sets up Red Sox fans on dates. If you want to find your true love who happens to be part of the Nation, it's going to cost you more than $2,000.

Can I Hear 60?

The hot dog eating world record was broken again this past weekend. Joey Chestnut downed 59 1/2 dogs in 12 minutes.

Was He Giving Tony Inside Betting Information?

New York Jets head coach Eric Mangini made a quick cameo in last night's penultimate -- and very bloody -- episode of The Sopranos. More important, the people around Tony continue to drop like flies.

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SI Recommends

Lou Piniella.:: AP

Double AA manager Phillip Wellman became an Internet sensation over the weekend after he had a meltdown for the ages. And Cubs skipper Lou Piniella put on one of his classic performances, as well.

Kobe's New Role?

We can't keep track of whether Kobe Bryant wants to be traded, but one thing is clear: Kobe isn't happy with owner Jerry Buss. This is how things would go if Kobe had his way.

If Rap Were Around In the '60s...

This is how the sports landscape would've been summed up.

Video of the Day

Before Phillip Wellman...

There was minor league skipper Joe Mikulik.

Borat Backlash

If you're tired of people doing Borat impersonations, you'll appreciate this video.

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