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Caption This: Reader Responses


C'mon, mom! It's football season! -- Brian, Columbus, Oh.

If daddy didn't spend all that money on the Mets jersey, we could have had sunglasses like everyone else around us. -- Raychel, Titusville, Fl.

David Wright got a little too comfortable after chasing a foul ball into the stands. -- Brian, Milwaukee, Wi.

You see, honey, that's what a team that isn't gonna make the postseason looks like. -- Kent, Boise, Id.

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See honey, it's just a Cincinnatti Red. He won't hurt you...or beat you. -- Steven, Valdosta, Ga.

That could have been your father, but I believed this loser when he told me he played for the Mets! -- Tom, Penacook, Nh.

And if you look over there, you can see the rest of the NL East gaining ground on us. -- Ben, Tuscumbia, Al.

See, it's right over there. Ask for two hot dogs and two Cokes, and be sure to bring back the change. -- Mike, Tampa, Fl.

The potty is way over there. Are you SURE you have to go? -- Dan, Wichita, Ks.

Yes, sweetie, out in center field is where we're going to bury this Mets fan behind us. -- Anthony, Woodbridge, Va.