September 25, 2007

MOST VIEWED1.Brett Favre retires2.Peter King on QB Derek Anderson re-signing with Browns3.Don Banks on the NFL free-agent market

OUR PICKS1.NCAA Bubble Watch: Are Joe Crawford and Kentucky in?2.Marty Burns on the NBA MVP race3.Truth & Rumors

MOST VIEWED1.Don Banks's mock NFL draft: Who'll get Darren McFadden?2.Peter King on the scouting combine3.Top NFL free agents

OUR PICKS1.Photos: Ernie Els wins Honda Classic2.Dr. Z's NFL mailbag3.David Sabino's fantasy baseball blog from spring training

MOST VIEWED1.Peter King on NFL prospect Chris Long2.Report: Fan has photo of Roger Clemens at party3.NFL mock draft

OUR PICKS1.Photos: Tiger Woods rules Match Play2.Stewart Mandel's NCAA Bubble Watch3.Mark Beech's weekly Racing Fan column

MOST VIEWED1.Ex-Ram sues Patriots for Super Bowl loss2.Richard Zednik's condition upgraded3.Don Banks: mock NFL Draft No. 2

OUR PICKS1.Derrick Rose and Memphis top College Power Rankings2.Soccer: Champions League coverage3.Truth & Rumors

MOST VIEWED1.Mass shooting avoided at Super Bowl2.Peter King: Justin Tuck, defense key to Giants' upset of Pats3.Broadcaster rankings

OUR PICKS1.Stewart Mandel's early NCAA bracket2.Carlos Boozer, Jazz top Marty Burns's NBA Power Rankings3.Daily Hot Clicks

MOST VIEWED1.Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback2.Jeff Feagles makes his first Super Bowl3.Photos: Funniest Media Day questions

OUR PICKS1.Richard Deitsch: Media Power Rankings2.Spring previews from Baseball Prospectus3.Kevin Durant tops NBA Rookie Rankings

MOST VIEWED1.Extreme skier dies after jump2.Glenn Dorsey tops Banks's mock draft3.Photo Gallery: Super Bowl underdogs

OUR PICKS1.Top hoops recruit Tyreke Evans2.Seth Davis's Hoops Thoughts3.Jon Heyman's Daily Scoop

MOST VIEWED1.Herschel Walker claims disorder2.Father jailed for taping jersey on son3.Photo Gallery: The Bad Luck Club

OUR PICKS1.Kevin Garnett's Celtics top NBA Power Rankings2.Jon Wertheim on the Australian Open3.Truth & Rumors

MOST VIEWED1.College football's best by the numbers2.Ex-skater Christopher Bowman found dead3.Scorer's error sends Hawks, Heat back out

OUR PICKS1.Jessica Simpson and other bad-luck charms2.College basketball Power Rankings3.David Epstein on baseball and Congress

MOST VIEWED1.NFL Power Rankings2.Peter King: Monday Morning Quarterback3.Mike Singletary and other NFL coaching candidates

OUR PICKS1.Luke Winn's Q&A with D.J. White2.Tom Verducci on the Hall of Fame voting3.Video highlights from the NFL playoffs

MOST VIEWED1.Peter King: Monday Morning Quarterback2.Russian tennis star attacked in her home3.David Ortiz and other pictures of the year

OUR PICKS1.NHL: Michael Farber's On the Fly column2.Daily Hot Clicks3.Peter King's picks: Will Tom Brady's Patriots go 16--0?

MOST VIEWED1.Don Banks's NFL All-Bust Team2.Mitchell Report hits Roger Clemens hard3.Peter King: Beware the big-name coach

OUR PICKS1.Candace Parker, UT top women's hoops Power Rankings2.Inside the NBA video highlights from TNT3.2007 Media Awards

MOST VIEWED1.Draft redux: Calvin Johnson is No. 1 pick2.Peter King: Redskins honor Sean Taylor3.Photos: NFL's most memorable drives

OUR PICKS 1.Extra Mustard: Daily Hot Clicks2.College Basketball Power Rankings3.Photos: golf phenom Anna Rawson

MOST VIEWED1.Redskins safety Sean Taylor shot2.Ex--Miami teammate: Taylor was targeted3.Photos: female athletes off the field

OUR PICKS1.Devin Hester and the NFL's other great gamebreakers2.Photos: noteworthy retirements of 20073.Holiday gift guide

MOST VIEWED1.Ex-Alabama star in fatal wreck2.Peter King: Patriots' scoring frenzy3.Isiah Thomas is the Turkey of the Year

OUR PICKS1. Coverage of baseball's winter meetings: a Johan Santana trade?2.NHL: Michael Farber's On the Fly column3.Media Power Rankings

MOST VIEWED1.Photos: Barry Bonds's growth2.Peter King on Big Ben Roethlisberger3.MLB's best free-agent contracts ever

OUR PICKS1.Heisman Watch: Tim Tebow is on top2.Marty Burns's NBA Power Rankings3.Seth Davis's College Hoop Thoughts

MOST VIEWED1.Rating the NFL's game-day experiences2.Peter King on the Patriots' receivers3.Carl Pavano and MLB's worst free agents

OUR PICKS1.Brad Davis and the Houston Dynamo play for the MLS Cup2.Fantasy football roster and trade help3.Campus Clicks

MOST VIEWED1.Martina Hingis retires amid cocaine scandal2.Experts break down Pats-Colts game3.Runner dies in marathon trials

OUR PICKS1.Kevin Durant tops first NBA Rookie Rankings of '07-082.Michael Farber's On the Fly column3.Daily Hot Clicks

MOST VIEWED1.Max McGee dies after fall from roof2.Photos: Top 10 cities in sports slumps3.Unsportsmanlike Conduct photo gallery

OUR PICKS1.Tim Duncan's Spurs top first NBA Power Rankings of '07--082.Stewart Mandel's College Football Picks3.Truth & Rumors

MOST VIEWED1.Jon Heyman: Joe Torre leaves Yankees2.Peter King: An unpredictable week3.Photos: The Hottest Teams in History

OUR PICKS1.Peter King defends Reggie Bush2.Video: College football's best rivalries3.Gene Menez's weekly Heisman Watch

MOST VIEWED1.Politician DQ'd from Berlin Marathon2.Trent Green explains controversial block3.Photos: Best Monday night finishes

OUR PICKS1.The Ride video: Two guys, one car2.NASCAR Power Rankings: Jeff Gordon is No. 13.Truth & Rumors

MOST VIEWED1.Photos: Female athletes off the field2.Peter King: Brett Favre still shines3.King: Matt Leinart should put team first

OUR PICKS1.Jack McCallum on Andrew Bynum2.Tom Verducci's Five Cuts every day3.NHL: Michael Farber's On the Fly column

MOST VIEWED1.Photos: NFL's biggest disappointments2.Peter King: Brett Favre surprises3.Dr. Z's NFL Power Rankings

OUR PICKS1.SI on Campus's Daily Campus Clicks2.Heisman Watch: Darren McFadden holds the top spot3.NHL scouting reports

MOST VIEWED1.Peter King: Spygate's not over yet2.Cyclist Floyd Landis stripped of Tour title3.Dr. Z's NFL Power Rankings

OUR PICKS1.Daily coverage of the Isiah Thomas trial2.Baseball Prospectus's Playoff Odds Report3.Fantasy Plus's NFL Injury Tracker

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