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Caption This: Reader Responses


The Seahawks' next generation waterboy didn't work quite as planned. -- Matt, Tulsa, Okla.

We dont even have the pats on our schedual so maybe Belichick would be a little more discrete!-- Justin, Chillicothe, Ohio

Do you think it wants a drink?-- Mark, Burlington, Wash.

The Seahawks are so boring that even the cameras are "falling" asleep.-- Lee, Savannah, Ga.

Wow! That was a hard pass!-- Bob, Orange Park, Fla.

R2D2 finally gave up the force and came back to earth.-- Jason, Sioux City, Iowa

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Am I too late with the Gatorade?-- Steven, Valdosta, Ga.

Hey, somebody get C3PO out here to get R2D2 off the field.-- Boykin, Spartanburg, S.C.

Go easy boys. Whatever it is, squirting water on it only seems to make it angrier.-- Steve, Rochester, Mich.

Hey look, TV ratings aren't the only thing that is falling at NBC.-- Steve, St. Matthews, Kent.

Robbie the Robot's Pro Football debut was unfortunately marred by injuries.-- Janet, Boston

Who's gonna block that?-- Michael, Bernardino, Calif.

And Chicken Little tried to explain it to the rest of the farm animals, but no one would listen.-- Jason, Idaho Fall, Ida.

Johnnie 5, still alive!-- Nick, Jersey City, N.J.