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Caption This: Reader Responses


Oh yes, make no mistake -- I would hit a man with glasses. -- Zach, Indianapolis, In.

If you really knew what Joe Pa saw through those magic lenses, you would understand. -- Tristin, Murphy, Tx.

I'm gonna knock you out! Paterno said knock you out! -- Jamie, Wilmington, De.

If you ask me one more time when I'm retiring... -- Warren, Springfield, Va.

Thanks, Tobey. Tough times without a Spiderman 4 in the future, huh? How about a knuckle sandwich? -- Buck, Philadelphia, Pa.

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This one's for Woody. -- Jim, San Antonio, Tx.

Hey, Bill Gates, let me show you what I think of your software! -- Ed, Wynnewood, Pa.

Where's my megaphone? Get this new fangled microphone thing out of my face before I pop you a good one! -- James, Nashville, Tn.

This is it! If you don't fix it this time, you're going down. -- John, Reynoldsburg, Oh.

Look, Joe, the volume is all the way up -- it's got to be your hearing aid. -- Dave, Destin, Fl.

HAH -- did you see me catch that fly young man? I've still got it. -- Jeff, Omaha, Ne.

Hey! Don't point that thing at me! -- Lou, Kennewick, Wa.