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Caption This: Reader Responses


This chocolate must be pretty old.-- Bill, Ridgefield, Ct.

How do you get this foil off?-- Guy, Toledo, Oh.

And you wonder how I chipped my front tooth.-- Jeff, Harrisburg, Pa.

The doc said more iron in your diet, not gold.-- Bill, Dudley, Nc.

Winner, winner, gold for dinner.-- Steve, Sparks, Nv.

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There is a much easier way to get a gold grill.-- Ken, Homestead, Fl.

The IOC can never take away my gold medal if I eat it.-- Bradley, Huntsville, Al.

I hope gold isn't a banned substance.-- Sal, New Hyde Park, Ny.

Candy coins are not as soft as they used to be!-- Chris, River Vale, Nj.

And they say HGH doesn't cause behavioral changes.-- Jim, Erving, Ma.

This is one way of telling the IOC to bite me.-- Kurt, Appleton, Wi.

After confirming the gold medal wasn't chocolate gelt, the proud winner had it bronzed for posterity.-- Maria, Port Chester, Ny.