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Caption This: Reader Responses


Brushing up on "How to Sweep a World Series," audio version.-- Ken, Homestead, Fl.

iPod hair dryer. Dries your hair from the inside out. I'll set it to fluffy.-- Bryan, Pleasant Grove, Al.

Manny tries out Apple's newiBall.-- Brian, San Francisco, Ca.

Hey, it's just Manny being Manny.-- Randy, Milwaukee, Wi.

Hope I remembered conditioner.-- Bill, Largo, Fl.

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The group is called A Different Drummer. He's playing it real loud.-- Ken, Berkeley, Ca.

Ground control to Major Ramirez.-- Tim, Bakersfield, Ca.

My doctor said to push this button twice for extra intelligence!-- Paul, Portland, Or.

If only this were an iPhone. I could be talking to Big Papi and googling myself right now.-- John, Atlanta, Ga.

It keeps the Rockies from knowing his thoughts.-- Cole, Louisville, Ky.

Tom Jones? The Partridge Family? Damn, this must be Papelbon's iPod!-- Slugo, Pennsauken, Nj.