Caption This: Reader Responses

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Kobe on defense!-- Bill, Norfolk, Va.

Hey, ref, can you put in a good word for me with the Mavericks? Come on, man, I gotta get out of here!-- Kent, Boise, Id.

Since when is taking 40 shots a game a technical foul?-- Ken, Homestead, Fl.

Kobe Bryant formally requests to be traded for this official.-- Brian, Milwaukee, Wi.

I'll do anything! How 'bout a 5 carat diamond? Please, just reverse the call and get me traded!-- Bruce, Moorpark, Ca.

LOOK WHAT I CAN DO!-- Barbara, New York, Ny.

He's mocking me behind my back, isn't he?-- Scott, Cleveland, Oh.

I am counting on my fingers the many times you've annoyed me tonight, Kobe, and I'm running out of fingers.-- Janet, Boston, Ma.

What do you mean nobody wants to be on my team?-- James, Eugene, Or.

Ref, come on! We talked about this before the game.-- Joe, Fort Worth, Tx.

Finally, an answer to what a reach around is.-- Lee, Grantville, Ga.