Caption This: Reader Responses

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Now that Halloween is over, Brian Cashman can now try to get rid of the ghost of A-Rod.-- Frank, Andover, Nj.

Yankee brass walking away from A-Rod, just like he walked away from them.-- Mark, Castle Rock, Co.

Not even the homeless guy will wear A-Rod's jersey.-- Mike, Ellicott City, Md.

That guy tried to tell me that shirt was a "World Series" special. Who's he trying to fool?-- Gary, Oakland, Me.

Walk away...walk away...don't let them see you cry...-- Barbara, New York, Ny.

Hey buddy, good luck selling that thing in New York.-- Chris, Bethesda, Md.

There are pinstripes, and then there are pinheads.-- Bob, Nome, Ak.

Everywhere I go, that #13 seems to be following me!-- Mark, Savannah, Ga.

If you just lost Torre and A-Rod, you'd be as pale in the face as this guy, too.-- John, Bogart, Ga.

Here, keep the jersey, I already wiped my backside with it.-- Pete, Brick, Nj.

Like I said, just send it to Goodwill.-- John, Sonora, Ca.

After trying to negotiate cab fare with A-Rod's jersey, Brian Cashman is forced to walk to work.-- Ken, St. Paul, Mn.