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Rashad Evans vs. Michael Bisping (Light Heavyweight)

Round 1: Evans came out firing and landed a straight right before taking Bisping down against the cage. As Bisping stood up, Evans landed a few quick shots to the side of his head. Evans's strategy, so far, is to throw high punches and then go in for the takedown as Bisping defends them; but The Count isn't falling for it so far. The crowd is chanting "USA, USA" for Evans, who caught a left kick and took Bisping down, landing in butterfly guard. Evans passed guard and landed a punch before taking side control. Bisping was able to stand up, but he's breathing heavily. Evans won that round.

Round 2: Evans landed a hard right and rushed in. He picked Bisping up, carried him three steps and slammed him down. Evans is landing the occasional blow from the guard, but the inaction leads to a stand-up at about 1:50. Bisping obviously wants to stay on his feet, and he's landing the occasional solid punch. He landed a knee to the body from the clinch, his first really hard shot of the fight. Bisping got a takedown right at the horn. Bisping really looks winded in his corner, but he probably won that round.

Round 3: Bisping had Evans; back at 2:00 in the standing postion, and went for the takedown but couldn't pull Evans down. Now Evans is really tiring as well, but he's trying to stay aggressive and mostly missing with his punches. Maybe too aggressive, as he walked into a Bisping punch. Evans landed a looping right, as the crowd starts to boo. Tough round to call. Rashad Evans wins by split decision, handing Bisping his first loss. Evans was more aggressive and went for more takedowns, which might have swayed the judges.

Houston Alexander vs. Thiago Silva (Light Heavyweight)

Round 1: Silva connected with a left hook after he backed away from an Alexander straight kick. Anderson took Silva to the ground, but Silva reversed it and got full mount at about two minutes and landed several body blows and elbows. Silva then started raining down punches, and Alexander is no longer defending himself. The ref stopped the fight at 3:25.

Karo Parisyan vs. Ryo Chonan (Welterweight)

Round 1: Parisyan hit Chonan with a straight right. Chonan went to his back, but isn't hurt; and Parisyan is in his guard. Parisyan slammed Chonan to the ground mid-round and pressed him up against the cage. Parisyan is switching between a left- and right-handed stance in the stand-up. Parisyan swiped a Chonan kick with his hand and Chonan fell backward. Parisyan missed as he went to the mat with a punch. That round looked even, or possibly a close win for Parisyan.

Round 2: Half way through the round Karo grabbed a Chonan kick and sent him to his back, but missed again when he went in for the punch ... and ended up in full guard. Parisyan stood up and landed a solid right. Chonan has Parisyan up against the cage, but he can't take him down. With 1:12 left, Paryisan caught a knee and put Chonan on his back. The crowd is getting restless with the lack of action. Parisyan landed a few punches from half guard and probably took the round.

Round 3: The crowd is booing loudly at the lack of action from the clinch. Parisyan put Chonan down against the cage and seemed to land a few elbows, though no real damage was done. Parisyan had full mount for a second, but Chonan rolled him over and landed in full guard before both men scrambled to their feet. Parisyan went for a spinning back fist, but Chonan stepped forward and Parisyan's arm landed harmlessly across his shoulder. Not a lot of action in that round, probably a draw. Parisyan took the unanimous decision in an uneventful fight. After the fight, Parisyan said his performance is partly due to something going on in his personal life. The fans didn't care.

Ed Herman vs. Joe Doerksen (Middleweight)

Round 1: Two minutes in, Herman landed a leaping elbow and then a knee. Doerksen is bleeding from his face. Herman is in full guard and landing elbows with Doerksen pushed up against the cage. With 1:30 left, Herman went from side control to mount, but Doerksen got him back in his guard. Herman is still landing elbows, though, and Doerksen is bleeding from his left eye and his nose, but not heavily. Herman took the first round.

Round 2: Herman was controlling Doerksen on the ground, but the lack of action led to a stand-up around two minutes. Doerksen scrambled to Herman's back and has two hooks in, with Herman on his knees. Doerksen pulled him backward -- but couldn't get a choke -- and Herman got away. The round ended with Herman in a triangle and armbar. The horn couldn't have come too soon for Herman. Saved by the clock. Doerksen took that one.

Round 3: Herman landed a right hook and then a left hook that put Doerksen on his back. Herman rushed in with two punches and the ref stopped it at 39 seconds in the round. "I looked a little sloppy, but I let 'em go baby," Herman said. He applauded Doerksen for taking the fight on short notice.