By Don Banks
February 28, 2008

The just-completed NFL scouting combine is by no means the end all, be all in terms of the draft-evaluation process. But don't let anyone kid you, in a league where most scouts and personnel decision-makers instinctively look to defend and justify their draft grades (i.e., cover their butts), all the measurables gathered in Indianapolis help construct the framework of their arguments.

While I find the over-emphasis on speed at the combine a little more misguided every year, there were plenty of prospects who used their strong showing in Indy to improve their standing in the eyes of the NFL. In our third attempt to mock out the draft's first round, new names abound. The hottest of those making their mock debuts include Delaware quarterback Joe Flacco, Purdue tight end Dustin Keller and Michigan State receiver Devin Thomas. (Send comments to

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