Elite Eight reactions

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SI.com caught up with Seth Davis, who's serving as a CBS studio analyst during the tournament, to get his impressions of Saturday's Elite Eight action.

SI.com: So how did UCLA do it?

Seth Davis: At the top of John Wooden's pyramid of success is "Be at your best when your best is required." UCLA stumbled a few times but the Bruins have gotten better each game -- they're good when they need to be good and Saturday tonight they had to be at their best. That was a good Xavier team they beat.

When they got to the final minute when Josh Duncan, Stanley Burrell and Drew Lavendar came off the court, they were crying and that to me, without being cheesy is the essence of the NCAA tourney. They're kids, they lost to a great team playing at their best ... they had a very, very good year but UCLA was and is that good and nobody can handle Kevin Love. But then again nobody can handle [North Carolina's] Tyler Hansbrough either and we shouldn't be surprised when great players rise to the occasion.

SI.com: Speaking of which, what did Hansbrough do tonight?

SD: That move when he had the ball at the top of the key, he did a shot fake, dribbled to the left and shot over a contested defender. That's something I have not seen him do that all year -- that was incredible. At that point in the game, he made that move and that put it away -- afterwards he said he practices it all the time. If he ever developed that as part of game, just think how good he would be. Saturday night he got every important rebound, seven offensive rebounds -- that's a ridiculous number, and 13 total to go with 28 points ... he showed why he's considered one of the best in the game.

SI.com: So what do you think about Sunday's games?

SD: I picked Texas in my original bracket but I like Memphis -- the things the Tigers rely upon to win are the things they can do every game. Texas relies a lot upon their outside shooting -- it's like putting in golf, sometimes it's just not there. Memphis starts its game at the defensive end and the Tigers just trap and swarm the ball and force turnovers.

SI.com: So they can do it even with a freshman point guard in Derrick Rose?

SD: That's so last century -- look at Kevin Love.

SI.com: So who's the MVP of tonight?

SD: I'd have to go with Tyler Hansbrough. Their game was just more contested -- Love was his usual self, but their game just got out of control. Hansbrough was in another world -- this is the game they lost last year to Georgetown -- they were winning but they couldn't close the deal and Hansbrough refused to let that happen tonight.