Hot Clicks: Underwear competition coming to a close

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Help A Hot Clicks Fan

Underwear models :: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

Forget the NBA and NHL playoffs. Here's a much more intriguing competition. We'll let the e-mail we received yesterday from Chris Coxen, of Boston, explain: "I'm in the Jockey Underwars finals, a contest where you upload a video of yourself dancing in your underwear and compete against other 'Underbuddies.' If I win this round, I secure the $25,000 prize. To watch and vote for the match, you can go here: In the video, I'm dressed as my Danny Morsel character with the 'War Doll' attached to my chest. Both of us are in our underwear dancing outside of Fenway Park in Boston right before a baseball game as thousands of people walk by." Anyone who has the guts to send us that e-mail deserves our help.

Memorable Lines ranks the 15 best sports movie quotes of all time.

When Will He Stop?

Jose Cansecois throwing more people under the bus. Well, not necessarily people.

Freaky Fathers

Joe Simpson, Hulk Hogan :: Getty Images

Now that pictures have surfaced of Hulk Hoganputting lotion on his daughter's butt and staring her down while she enjoys some time in the pool with a guy, comes through with a long-overdue feature: Who Is The Creepier Celebrity Dad Between Joe Simpson and Hulk Hogan?

Wagering On Weed

Thanks to Josh Howard's admission last week that he regularly smokes pot in the offseason, you can now bet on which NBA players are most likely to openly admit to marijuana use. Speaking of Howard, Clubhouse Cancer says his weed admission was the beginning of Avery Johnson's downfall.

Nine Innings In Two Minutes

For those of you who think baseball is too slow and boring, here's a Red Sox game just for you.

Same Name, Different Tastes

Since most people are focusing on the bizarre Ronaldotranny/hooker story, With Leather thought it would be a good idea to see who the other Ronaldo -- Man U striker, Cristiano -- is currently dating.

Feel-Good Story Of The Day

We don't want to ruin this story for you by giving away all the details, so we'll just tell you that a recent college softball game ended with members from one team carrying a member from the other team around the bases after the girl hit a home run. (Thanks to Kevin Berry, of Portland, Ore., for sending us the link.)

Today In Campus Clicks

Elsa Benitez :: Stewart Shining/SI

Top 10 Cities for Recent College Graduates ... Dartmouth Professor Sues Her Students ... Brooke Hogan College Update ... Staying in school cost Colt Brennan nearly $1.5 million ... Video: Grocery Store Tricks.

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Sports Video Of The Day

Being on the cover of Sports Illustrated this week doesn't mean much to Kosuke Fukudome.

Facebook Video Of The Day

If you're on Facebook, you'll enjoy this spoof. (Thanks to Reed Burgess, of Austin, Texas, for sending us the link.)

Weatherman Video Of The Day

This comes via The Sporting Blog, and this guy should've be a little more careful with what he says when "sacks" and "sex" sound so alike. (Warning: Link may contain inadvertent strong language.)

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