101 Things to Do Before You Graduate

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24. Browse for a date at Wisconsin's Helen C. White Library, the most swingin' stacks in all of college. (Start by looking under D, for "desperate.")

25. Better yet, skip the foreplay and visit the University of Chicago's Regenstein Library, where you might just catch runners jogging by in nothing but their Nikes the Sunday before finals week.

26. Channel your inner leprechaun on Green Beer Day at Miami (Ohio), when students chug dyed beers and slurp toxic-looking Jell-O concoctions at 5:30 a.m., then slink off to class.

27. You snooze, you lose. Put the competition to rest by pushing a bed in Ball State's bed races.

28. Slow-pitch at Carleton's marathon softball game. The tradition started in 1964, and Knights students have tacked on an extra inning annually to what began as a 100-inning spectacle. (Do the math -- that's long.)

29. Sip a red beer -- tomato juice and suds -- at Barry's Bar before a Nebraska game.

30. Sink or swim in a cardboard boat regatta. Where, you ask? Notre Dame, Central Michigan and Southern Illinois all hold one.

31. Close those Cliffs Notes and read a real book• Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer by Warren St. John. Spend a season traveling with 'Bama's zealous RV nation -- without all the mustard stains.• The Amateurs by David Halberstam. An insightful look at collegiate and Olympic rowing through the experiences of oarsmen striving to make the 1984 U.S. team.• Shake Down the Thunder by Murray Sperber. A retired professor at Indiana clarifies what's reality and what's myth in his chronicle of Notre Dame football.• A Season on the Brink by John Feinstein. Coach Bobby Knight as he really was, before advanced age chilled him out.

32. Grab a "Big-Ass Turkey Leg." A tradition at the University of Iowa, you can grab one of these enormous snacks on Melrose Avenue, on your way to Kinnick Stadium.

33. Watch Senior Tackle at Ohio State, in which seniors on the football team nail blocking sleds -- in front of 25,000 -- before their season- and career-ending game against Michigan.

34. Stay up late at Indiana and join in the Spirit of Sport, a nocturnal sports smorgasbord that doubles as a fund-raiser for the Special Olympics. The games include Texas hold 'em, Twister, Oreo-stacking and a Fear Factor knockoff in which contestants are doused in a ketchup-mustard-relish-chili concoction.

35. Hobnob with six-time Olympic gold medal winner Michael Phelps at a Michigan swim practice, where he's a volunteer coach.

36. Sample the Sweet Meat Stix (steak kabobs better known as "the best 12 inches in the Midwest") with Washington University students during St. Louis's Mardi Gras celebration.

40. Streak the field on Parents' Day.

41. Take on your school's QB in NCAA '08 football and whup his virtual butt.