May 23, 2008

Your guide to the weekend -- SIOC style

Ridin' Dirty, University of Cincinnati, Noon

Apparently all you need to put together a world class BMX event nowadays is two dump trucks full of dirt and a sponsorship from Red Bull. Ridin' Dirty has both those things. The event is free and open to the public, which means it's sure to attract some of Cincinnati's most daring (although not necessarily most talented) riders.

Audition for The Bachelor, Jackson, Miss., 2 p.m

Ever wanted to set back the feminist movement while becoming privy to the hidden phoniness of "reality" television? If any Jackson coeds answered "yes" then this is the perfect event for them. But don't bother auditioning if you have any self-respect.

Women's Golf Championship Final Round, University of New Mexico

After the first three days of action No. 2 UCLA and No. 3 USC are tied for the lead. Top ranked Duke, the three-time defending champion, is a disappointing eighth.

Men's Lacrosse Semifinals, No. 1 Duke vs. No. 5 John Hopkins & No. 2 Virginia vs. No. 3 Syracuse, Gillette Stadium, Noon

Duke looks to establish itself as the premier team in the country by getting revenge on the squad that beat them in last year's championship. Virginia, which squeaked by with one goal wins in each of the first two rounds, should have their hands full yet again.

Archaeology is Here!, Lloyd Street Cinemas, Portland, Ore., 3:30 p.m.

The hype surrounding Indiana Jones' fourth adventure has provided archaeologists around the world with the once in a lifetime opportunity to have people care about what they do. Many of them,such as the archaeologists from Portland State, are taking advantage. The PSU team will be appearing at movie theaters around the city displaying artifacts from the region. I know what you're thinking, but yes, apparently there are artifacts from Oregon.

22nd Annual Jazz Reggae Festival, UCLA, 2 p.m

New to this year's festival is an educational component which seeks to "edutain" the audience. As usual, there's also two days of music on two stages. The Roots will headline "Jam Day" on Sunday. Stephen Marley will cap off "Reggae Day" on Monday.

Mars Mission Landing Celebration, University of Arizona, 3 p.m.

When the Phoenix Mars Mission launched last year, the University of Arizona became the first public university to lead a mission to Mars. This weekend (if all goes according to plan) the school will become the first public University to actually land a mission to Mars. Sunday's can't-miss celebration will include NASA's live feed of the landing. Cue up the 2001: A Space Odyssey soundtrack.

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