Hot Clicks: Props for Canada's female sportscasters

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Covering Canada

Jillian Barberie :: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

As many of you know, Deadspin has been conducting Media Approval Ratings for a while now. But Food Court Lunch thinks there's been a lack of Canadian representation, so they're covering that angle. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)

Tennis Test

With the French Open kicking off this holiday weekend, Simon on Sports provides a "guess the bodies of the WTA" quiz.

Turning A Negative Into A Positive

Barstool Sports has been thinking about Magic Johnson's failed talk show so much that they've come up with a list their favorite "So Bad It's Good" items.

One Way To Make Sure Your Son's A Sox Fan

Ryan Rogers: Courtesy of Brian Rogers

Hot Clicks reader and diehard Red Sox fan Brian Rogers isn't wasting any time in letting his son Ryan know that he plans on being a cool dad. Upon turning 1 on May 10, Ryan became the first person (baby?) to ever be baptized at Fenway Park.

What About Their Personalities?

Blog Pig is wondering how some soccer stars have landed sexy women.

Pacman Poses A Question

The Onion has some news on Pacman Jones.

Now Pitching...

Has Seth Rogenjoined a Major League team?

Today In Campus Clicks

Oklahoma cheerleaders:: G. Newman Lowrance/WireImage

Tough day for former sooner ... The downside of pie tossing ... Tebow no longer the top athlete at Florida ... Ultimate frisbee championships ... Video: CSI Gainsville.

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Sports Video Of The Day

Maybe this will change the Mets' fortunes around.

Kobe Video Of The Day

Kobe Bryant will really go to any lengths to make sure people buy his new sneaker. First, he jumped over a car. Now, this. (Thanks to the dozens of you who sent this in.)

Kobe Spoof Video Of The Day

The ending of this spoof is not what you'd expect it to be.

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