Hot Clicks:'s Cheerleader of the Week is a Hurricane

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Holy Hurricanes

Miami cheerleaders :: Bruce Yeung/Yeung Photography

SIOC Campus Clicks guru Andy Gray will soon be hanging up his "Clicks" hat, but he's going out with a bang. For this week's Cheerleader of the Week, Gray has gone with Miami's Christina DeMaria (above center).

This Is Why We Stopped Betting On The NBA

Sasha Vujacic is the No. 1 person on the minds of those who wager on the NBA. When the spread is 7.5 and you heave a last-second three-pointer to get a 100-92 win, well, let's just say some people will be happy, and others, not so much. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)

You Know What Time It Is? Erin Andrews Time!

Everyone's favorite sideline reporter shifts from the sidelines to the ... stage? tonight when she co-hosts the Spelling Bee on ABC. We assume Hot Clicks reader Herc, of Atlanta, will be tuning in, since he sent us this e-mail: "Jimmy, don't have the link yet, but I read on the front page of the living section in the Atlanta Journal Constitution that Erin Andrews (cue the heavenly lights from above and angelic voices) will be reporting from the sidelines of the national spelling bee. Is the spelling bee a sport? Not in my book, but who gives a rip? IT'S ERIN ANDREWS!!!" Yes, who gives a rip. Here is that link Herc is talking about. And here's a piece on a potential problem for the Spelling Bee. Oh, and even more good news on the Andrews front. Next week, we'll be getting a VIDEO interview with her, which really is the only interview to do with her, unless it's this one.

Music To Our Ears

I Love the '80s

From Doug Collins' return to the Yankees being in last place to the upcoming New Kids On the Block tour to a new Indiana Jones movie, Rumors & Rants wonders if we're back in the '80s.

Seriously, Seattle?

We're just gonna provide you with the following sentence and pass on commentary since we don't want to get fired. A lesbian couple was kicked out of Safeco Field for kissing during Wednesday's game. Meanwhile, here's another problem the Mariners seem to be having.

eBay Items Of The Week

We have no recollection of Reds second baseman Gookie Dawkins, but you can buy his old Reds jersey for $75. Or if you're an Indiana Jones fan, you can buyShia LaBeouf's underwear.

Sandler's Solid List Of Significant Others

We could lie to you and say that since Adam Sandler has appeared in a couple of sports movies, such as The Longest Yard and Happy Gilmore, that's the reason we're posting this list of Adam Sandler's Top 10 Movie Girlfriends. But the truth is, we just want to see Emmanuelle Chriquiagain.

So Much Sex

We really, really wanted to avoid mentioning the opening of Sex and the City this weekend, but it can't be done. First,'s Cory McCartney gives us this amusing Ashley Harkleroad vs. Carrie BradshawTale of the Tape. And then sent us this great piece titled, Field Guide To Your Local Screening Of Sex and the City This Weekend. On a side note, if you are a guy being dragged by your girlfriend/wife to see the flick this weekend, or if you're a girl dragging your boyfriend/husband to see it, and you have a funny story behind the experience (i.e., you end up missing a big game or you lost a bet, etc.) e-mail us with the details and we'll post the best story Monday.

Top 25 Summer Songs finishes off its Top 100 list today.

Today In Campus Clicks

Holly, Kendra and Bridget:: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

What school will Hef's daughter attend? ... JoePa's Successor ... What Tim Tebow Loves ... College World Series Preview ... Celebrities who donate scholarships ... Video: Alex Trebek is Funny.

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Sports Video Of The Day

Since we mentioned Sasha Vujacic above, we thought this would be appropriate. (Thanks to Brian Cantrell, of Corona, Calif., for sending us the link.)

Mariah Video Of The Day

We posted this a little late yesterday, so we're giving it a little more run since it's so good. When you're done watching Mariah embarrass herself, check out FanIQ's list of the worst first pitches ever thrown.

Car Wash Video Of The Day

Chris, of Oliver, British Columbia, sent us the following clip and said it was the Commercial of the Year.

The Real Car Wash Of The Day

If you need to get the image of the sumo's from the above video out of your head, this should do the trick.

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