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Cowboys CB Newman can't wait to play alongside Pacman


It may be three months before Adam "Pacman" Jones finds out whether or not he will be eligible to play in the regular season, but Cowboys CB Terence Newman -- in Los Angeles for the Cedars-Sinai Sports Spectacular, a charity awards dinner -- smiled and rubbed his hands together at the prospect of lining up next to Jones in practice when he gets back to Dallas this week.

"I'm definitely excited to start practicing with him and start playing with him," said Newman. "He's an excellent player and I'm excited to get a chance to work with him and help him out any way I can."

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has reinstated Jones to everything but the regular season. Newman isn't sure how rusty Jones will be after being out of football for the past year, but Newman believes he could be the player to put the Cowboys over the top if he plays like he did in 2006, when he intercepted four passes (returning one for a touchdown) and had three punt returns for touchdowns.

"It'll be good to get to work, but I can't wait until he gets fully reinstated because we have something special going on in Dallas and we're just missing that one link and I really believe he's the missing link," said Newman, who recently signed a six-year extension worth $50 million. "Once he gets reinstated, I think we're going to have the best secondary in the league."

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HBO will shadow the Cowboys throughout training camp for the TV show Hard Knocks. There is plenty of potential drama, including the addition of Jones, the presence of Terrell Owens (who just signed a four-year, $34 million extension) and Tony Romo's seemingly never-ending relationship with Jessica Simpson.

"I think it will be a little different because we have a lot of personalities on the team," said Newman. "Some people are shy and reserved and they don't like the camera while other people embrace the camera. It's going to be different to see how people act when the cameras are around.

"Certain stories are going to be money makers but it's a stretch sometimes. There are certain stories that just keep getting attention as long as you push it, like Jessica Simpson, Jessica Simpson, Jessica Simpson, instead of getting just getting one good story on her and letting that whole thing die. It's the same with Pacman, T.O. and all the other stories."

Newman found himself in the middle of a controversy recently over comments he made about teammate Roy Williams. Newman said Williams looked like a "deer in headlights" during pass coverage last season. While Newman stuck to his comment, he said they were taken out of context and that Williams understood where he was coming from.

"They only showed a small clip of what I said, so most people don't know what I said before and what I said after that," said Newman. "[Williams] saw the whole thing, so he understood what I was saying. I built him and built him up and built him up and then I said that at times he looked like a deer in headlights, which wasn't negative or a shot at him in any way, it's just what happened. He would sometimes come back to the huddle and say, 'I'm not used to this.' So that's when he looked like a deer in headlights. He's been such a great player, but when people start going at him and picking on him, he's not used that."