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Whitney Port should be the Crush: Hot Clicks


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Help A Friend In Need

Whitney Port :: Ethan Miller/Getty Images college football writer Stewart Mandel recently came to us and said he needs the Hot Clicks audience to help him with something very important. He's searching for his 2008 Mailbag Crush. My Boys star Jordana Spiro held the title in 2007, while The Office's Jenna Fischer had the honor in 2006. But Stew is stumped this year. Our official recommendation to Stew is The Hills' Whitney Port. Not only is she attractive, she might be the only person on that show who is sane. Anyway, Stew explains the whole situation and what he's looking for (for example, no A-list stars, so don't bother submitting any of the Jessicas) here, and even shows off a picture of him and Spiro at a recent Dodgers game. Send him your recommendations pronto.

eBay Item Of The Day

You know you've always wanted to bid on a replica Larry Bird mustache. (Thanks to Bailey Everitt, of Boston, for sending us the link.)

Must-Read Preview

Joe Sports Fan provides a thorough and in-depth scouting reports on the participants in Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Wrestling Challenge.

Tradition Or Stupidity?

Darren McCarty :: Robert Laberge/Getty Images

From John Sterling's "Yankees Win" (which we love) to Red Wings fans throwing octopi on the ice, The Love of Sports looks at The Most Obnoxious Sports Traditions.

Surreal Cereal

Kevin Garnett's appearance on the Wheaties box has inspired to come up with 10 Wheaties Boxes You Will Never See.

We'd Pay To Watch This Team

The Legend of Cecilio Guante has put together Major League Baseball's "All-Crazy Team."

Look On The Bright Side has come up with five very viable silver linings for Willie Randolph.

Why The Tears?

SI Recommends is having plenty of fun at the expense of famous men who cry. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)

Today In Campus Clicks

Minnesota cheerleaders :: Ron Scheffler/US PRESSWIRE

Minnesota cheerleaderes coming to the big screen ... Eight most eligible bachelor's of 2008's draft class ... Penn St. tickets in high demand ... Beer Belly Cooler ... Video: Musical Graduation Speech.

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Sports Video Of The Day

This should put a nice bow on the Celtics impressive season.

Britney Spears Video Of The Day

Well, sort of. (Thanks to Chris Holton, of Atlanta, for sending us the link.)

Insane Guy Video Of The Day

Here's something for you to do on an upcoming summer day. (Thanks to Sean P., of Toronto, for sending us the link.)

Classic Video Of The Day

The most famous game-show blooper ever. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)

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