June 26, 2008

Wealthy Russian socialite Pyotr Listerman has offered Russia's players two girls for every goal scored in Thursday's Euro 2008 semifinal against Spain.

British daily The Telegraph reports that Listerman, who regularly sets up fellow rich Russians with prospective wives, will offer any goal-scorer two women as extra incentive for Russia to reach its first final since the Soviet Union disbanded.

"For each goal I'll present two beautiful chicks. Watch the guys react," said Listerman.

Russia lost to Spain 4-1 in its opening group game, but have since come on leaps and bounds, getting smarter tactically and also benefiting from the presence of star player Andrei Arshavin, who missed the first two games due to suspension but has since lit up the tournament, emerging as a candidate for player of the tournament and even the Ballon d'Or, considering his UEFA Cup win with Zenit St. Petersburg this season, in which he was also extremely prevalent.

The 27-year-old felt the need to qualify that it was a reward directed at the many bachelors amongst Guus Hiddink's 23-man squad.

"There are a number of bachelors in our team," said Arshavin. "This is a great incentive."

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