Nittany Lion Seeks Miss America Crown: Campus Clicks

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Lion Pride

Kirsten Haglund (above) is Miss America 2008. Will Tara Wheeler be next? :: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Penn State alumna Tara Wheeler ('06) has gone from being the Nittany Lions' women's hockey goalie and an Air Force ROTC cadet to the crowned Miss Virginia and a Miss America contestant. Here's hoping she'll make Joe Pa proud by following 2008 Miss America Kirsten Haglund's path to the winner's circle.

Cupcake Kings

Big Ten fans, let the gloating begin. National Championship Issue has taken a thorough look at nonconference schedules for the past 10 years and determined that scheduling abuses are greatest among SEC and Big 12 schools, who continue to shy away from playing other BCS teams in nonconference games.

The One-and-Dones

Now that the NBA draft is in the books, it's time to take a look at the one-and-done freshman and determine whether or not their brief time as campus kings was worth it ... for the schools.

A Wild, Wild Season

Duke will have another Wild Wild West-esque season. :: Frank Micelotta/Getty Images : AP

Sometimes, when the euphoria (or despair) is too great, it proves difficult to describe the type of season your football team is having. This year, struggle no longer. When the words fail you, compare your team's success to a Will Smith movie instead. Duke fans, it's safe to assume you'll have another Wild Wild West (a.k.a "an unmitigated disaster") season.

What are the Odds?

After the Georgia Bulldogs and the Fresno State Bulldogs faced-off in the CWS, it was only natural to wonder what the chances were that two teams with the same nickname would play each other in a championship game. The Big Lead's crunching the numbers.

Anti-Social Facebook

Not surprisingly, a new study reveals Facebook most strongly benefits those who are already social butterflies. Introverts tend to spend more time on Facebook than extroverts, but have fewer Facebook friends. No word yet on whether introverts or extroverts spend more time stalking mini-feeds and wall posts.

Speaking of Facebook

Addicted though we all are, everyone has Facebook pet-peeves. College Candy lists the 10 most annoying things about the site. The one we agree with most? "People who have way, way too many applications on their page."

Blog War

War's a-ragin' in the Big Ten blog-sphere, so ammo-up, Iowa and Michigan fans.

Pop Culture Nugget

Jay-Z's got a lot to learn about labor laws.

Today In Hot Clicks

Walter Chin/SI

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Odds and Ends

See Bon Jovi play Central Park, for free ... How does your college football Bucket List compare to this fan's? ... Three cheers for slacker summer jobs ... College football's best "big uglies."

Contemplative Cat

Not sure what happened to make this cat sit like a drunk, middle-aged man with poor posture, but cat-nip was probably involved.

Look at Junior The Cat - Watch more free videos

Horsing Around

This rider narrowly missed being crushed by his own horse, and can now hopefully look back on the incident and appreciate his steed's acrobatic prowess.

Horse Doesnt Want To Ride Today - Watch more free videos

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