Where are They Now?

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Want to read more about this year's 'Where are They Now' subjects? SI authors relive the athletes' greatest moments.

A Special Delivery by Tom VerducciThat was no ordinary no-hitter Yankee Jim Abbott threw against the Indians (09.13.93 -- READ STORY)

Giant Surprise For O.J. by Dick Kleiner A day with Willie Mays set Orenthal Simpson straight (05.11.87 -- READ STORY)

Rush Hour in the Big Apple by Sarah Pileggi A great, jostling horde of 11,553 started the New York Marathon, but, for the fourth straight year, Bill Rodgers was all by himself at the finish (READ STORY)

The Yankee D Boys Did Double Duty by Rom FimriteBucky Dent and Brian Doyle were in the lineup for their gloves, but New York won the Series because of their bats (READ STORY)

Oh, How Gently Flows This Don by Gwilym BrownWith a minimum of fanfare, Don Maynard of the Jets has combined wits, speed and a distaste for unsponsored brawling to become his game's alltime top receiver (07.23.73 -- READ STORY)

Meet Mr. Twinkletoes And His Friends by George PlimptonMr. T., children, is Alex Karras. He weighs 245 pounds. He runs like a mad duck. His friends are 39 Lions. Hear them roar. (10.12.70 -- FULL STORY)

The King by Ed HintonRichard Petty is closing his remarkable 35-year reign over stock car racing with a regal tour (10.19.92 -- READ STORY)

Clean and Slower by Kenny MooreThat Ben Johnson is not the runner he was on steroids is clear to everyone but Ben Johnson (07.22.91 -- READ STORY)

Nancy with the Laughing Face by Frank Deford She's no longer a golfer, she's an event, but the dazzling Lopez has kept her cool, thanks in part to a very savvy caddie named Roscoe (07.10.78 -- READ STORY)

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