Comparing Big East Teams and TV Shows: Campus Clicks

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A Program Worthy of Puck

Who's got more drama, The Real World housemates or Louisville? :: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images : AP

The College Football Guys have expanded their horizons. Instead of comparing a BCS conference to a category of alcoholic beverages, today they're comparing Big East teams to famous TV shows. What do Louisville and The Real World have in common? One word: drama.

Let's Go Blue

ESPN's Titletown was in Ann Arbor this week, and those assembled didn't exactly resemble the typical Michigan mob.

Greedy Gators

Hopes for an SEC channel are in serious jeopardy now that the University of Florida and Fox's Sun Sports have signed a lucrative deal.

Duck, Duck, Duck, Duck...

No matter how old you are, paper football still rocks. :: AP

Admit it; you can now vote, but you still get a kick out of playing paper football and still think a round of rock, paper, scissors is the definitive way to settle an argument. That's because those two games, in addition to the other eight on this list of the top 10 indoor games of all-time, always have been, and always will be, awesome.

Show us Your Game Face

In honor of NCAA Football 2009's release, the folks at Das Gamer sat down with some of last season's biggest names to talk about their cover shots, their digital incarnations and to get a preview of the faces they plan to flash for their first NFL Monday Night Football introductions.

A Summer Ball

If you're hoping to take a late-summer vacation but haven't yet settled on a destination, we at Campus Clicks (in conjunction with the folks at Bleacher Report) suggest you journey to Montana for the 26th annual Testicle Festival. Repulsed by the idea? Let us sway you -- the testicles are marinated in beer! Still horrified? Yeah, us too.

Just Add a Hammer and Sickle

Maybe the New YorkerObama cover could have been worse, after all. OTR's Georgetown squad has unearthed some of the other cover-possibilities (read: OTR's Georgetown squad is showing off its Photoshop skills).

Get Your Film Ready

If you're rather adept at tossing the pigskin but aren't quite on the D-I radar, you might want to take a look at The D3 Experience's tips for getting a college coach's attention.

Pop Culture Nugget

Jay of America's Next Top Model gets 40k per episode, and it's a good thing, because he's heading to court.

Today In Hot Clicks

Recapping our day with Erin Andrews ... Marbury gets new tattoo -- on his head ... Billy Packer's new job ... LeBron, Wade danceoff ... Video: Canseco coaches softball team ... Texting.

Odds and Ends

Florida's Jeff Demps is scary fast ... Rock Band II track list revealed ... A little dating advice for the ladies, courtesy of College Candy ... Tufts is creating a robot that could soon rule the world.

Trojan Warriors

Perhaps this half-naked group chant is the secret to USC's sustained success. (Thanks to Bruins Nation for the tip.)

Sticking With Our Robot Theme...

...This robot takes a crack at replicating The Evolution of Dance routine.

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