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Checking In With The Power Couples

Kim Kardashian, Minka Kelly, Gisele Bundchen :: Getty Images

It's the day after the All-Star Game and nothing is going on. So, we're just gonna update you on the latest "news" involving our favorite sports figure/celebrity couples. First up, Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian. Apparently Reg wants her to lose weight. (Actually, the best news in that item is that Kardashian will "wrestle" Carmen Electra in an upcoming movie.) Next up, Derek Jeter and Minka Kelly. Jeter wouldn't give us a straight answer when we asked him about the Friday Night Lights bombshell, but she came to his All-Star party, where "they stuck close" and they danced the night away. Lastly, Tom and Gisele (who -- surprise! -- looks good in a bikini) have taken up surfing.

Who Doesn't Watch Games In The Buff?

Fans who were at the SkyDome for Saturday's Yankees-Blue Jays tilt were treated to much more than just a ball game. (Thanks to Irving, of Toronto, for sending us the link.)

Piling On Packer

We thought yesterday's link to a Photoshopped picture of Billy Packer was as good as it gets. Well, this vicious video may top it. (Thanks to Wade Burchette, of Nashville, N.C., for sending us the link.)

Pirate Picture

Freddy Sanchez, Cindy Crawford :: Getty Images

Mondesi's House is casting a movie about the Pittsburgh Pirates. Now, that description may not seem too interesting to those of you outside the Pittsburgh area, but trust us, when you see some of these inspired choices, you'll get a good chuckle out of it. Our favorite is what they have playing pitcher Sean Burnett.

All-Star Game Roundup

What You Could Have Done With the 4 Hours and 50 Minutes You Spent Watching an Exhibition Baseball Game. ... An uggly night for Uggla. ... Where does "All-Star Game Goat" fall on the hierarchy of could-be-worse moments?

Are You "That" Guy?

"You know him. You roll your eyes at him every day. But if you're guilty of any of the following behavioral blunders, chances are people are rolling their eyes at you. Take our quiz and see how annoying you really are." That's the description of this fun 56-question quiz by Details magazine. Our result was "warm."

Campus Clicks

Pat White, Michael Crabtree :: AP/US Presswire

Majors for Heisman frontfunners ... Football players selling tickets door-to-doory ... What kind of NCAA Football 2009 player are you? ... Seven ways to get rid of your roomate ... Video: PS3 or Die.

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Sports Video Of The Day

David Letterman's Top 10 Perks of Being an All-Star -- read by Derek Jeter.

Flying Umbrella Video Of The Day

This really shouldn't be that funny, but we have to admit we got a kick out of it. (Thanks to Paul Chintawat, of San Diego, for sending us the link.)

Umbrella Takes Out Lady - Watch more free videos

Classic Video Of The Day

Matt Roberts, of Portland, Ore., wrote us the following e-mail: "It's Phoebe Cates' birthday. Maybe a good reminder that we should all watch a few moments from Fast Times At Ridgemont High today in her honor. Well, we can't really link to the scene, but all you have to do is search "Phoebe Cates pool scene REMIX" on YouTube. The best we could do is this.

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