The Worst College-Themed Movies: Campus Clicks

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Accepted (and Rejected)

Jennifer Love Hewitt wasn't enough to save ISKWYDLS. :: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

One man's treasure is another man's trash, which is why even though you love I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, OTR has it at No. 4 on its list of the 10 worst college-themed movies. And rightfully so ... even Jennifer Love Hewitt couldn't save that one.

Dumb Arrest(s) of the Day

There must be something in the water in Kentucky, because two Wildcats QBs were arrested this week. It's nice to see younger players following the example set by their elders, but it's probably best to stop at incarceration.

I'm Dreaming About You

Speaking of Kentucky, wide receiver Dicky Lyons Jr. decided to share his latest dream with those assembled at SEC media day. Most people keep it quiet when they dream about slapping around their girlfriend and then getting attacked by a swarm of high-profile college quarterbacks including Matt Stafford. But hey, different strokes for different folks.

Who is The Who

If 'Bama were a band, it would be Led Zeppelin. :: AP : AP

For many, the start of college football is like music to the ears. But what if your favorite team really were a rock band? Bleacher Report was wondering just that, so it came up with a list of school and band comparisons. Sneak peek: 'Bama as Led Zeppelin, since both were the best at what they did for a while, but neither has done much since 1979 (these BR folks are a little harsh on the classic rockers).

UMD: Our Coach Can Also Eat Your Coach

Kansas players may not like the Mark Mangino-inspired "Our coach can eat your coach" T-shirts, but the folks at NextRound sure do. They like them so much, in fact, that they've decided to come up with 20 comparable shirts for other schools. A few of our favorites: "Our coach forever compromised Herbstreit's journalistic integrity," (LSU) and "Our coach killed a guy just to watch him die," (Alabama).

Root, Root, Root

Apparently the Wrigley-faithful didn't like Charlie Weis' rendition of Take me out to the Ballgame.

Network, Then Network Some More

If you graduated in May and your "Days Unemployed" tally sheet is approaching 90, check out the Huffington Post's 10 tips for locking up your first post-grad job. The bottom line: summer's almost over, so get cracking now while your competition is still tanning and playing NCAA Football.

Facebook Philanthropy

This just in: some Facebook apps do more than turn your profile into a sensory-overload-inducing mess. Head over to Boosh for the lowdown on SocialVibe, the application that allows you to pick a cause and then a sponsor who will donate to that cause.

Pop Culture Nugget

Surprisingly, not all police officers know who Shannen Doherty is.

Today In Hot Clicks

Logan Tom :: AP

A tribute to Olympic hotties past and present ... Eagle fans get revenge on Brett Favre ... 10 NFL step-brother combos we'd like to see ... 10 unhealthiest burgers ... Misspelled tattoos.

Odds and Ends

Outside the Linestook a serious look at Penn State football's numerous legal woes over the last few years ... This Harvard professor resents the rich kids he taught ... The future football offense ... Burnt popcorn leads to a full-fledged Texas dorm evacuation.

Reese's Global Warming Commercial

In an effort to get the masses to take global warming more seriously, this Reese's commercial reminds people of a simple fact: If it gets too hot, all the Reese's will melt. Pure genius.

And We're Live

Fact: no matter how many compilations of reporter bloopers people make, there will always be a fresh influx of material.

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