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One Way to Pique Interest in The Olympics

Stacey Keibler :: Michael Buckner/Getty Images

We admit that Olympic fever hasn't totally swept us away just yet, but if, say, Stacey Keibler were to compete in beach volleyball or Ivan Drago could represent Russia in boxing, we'd be more interested. Four Horsemen Tattoo has a complete list of dream Olympic competitors.

Top Olympic Mascots

Speaking of the Olympics, did you know that the Games have an official mascot (here is this year's, in case you're curious). We didn't know it either, but they do and Inventor Spot has compiled the 10 best mascots from Olympics past.

Things to Do While Rehabbing

Cristiano Ronaldo may enjoy some personal time with the ladies, but his dedication to soccer is undeniable. Former FHM model Niki Ghazian admits that during her recreational time with Ronaldo, the right-winger insisted on wearing a boot to protect his surgically-repaired ankle. Says Ghazian: "It was restricted-but we made the best of a bad job and when you are in bed with the world's most gorgeous man you'll forgive anything." Most gorgeous man in the world? She clearly hasn't met Hot Clicks editor Jimmy Traina ... or his baseball-playing friend.

A Way With Words

Lou Piniella :: AP

Forget Tom Hanks' lame "there's no crying in baseball." The Love of Sports compiled the top 20 baseball quotes of all-time and our favorite is Lou Piniella's take on today's Moneyball-driven over-reliance on the numbers. "Statistics are like bikinis. They show a lot, but never everything." True, but our favorite swimsuit model, Julie Henderson, comes pretty damn close.

Move Over Erin Andrews

Nobody loves Erin Andrews more than Hot Clicks, but those living in Boston have enjoyed a special gift from the gods this baseball season and it comes in the form of NESN sideline reporter Heidi Watney. What bothers us is that people from outside Boston have no idea who Watney is, which makes us think that there are a whole slew of local reporters ready to take over Andrews' throne. Luckily, there is a Web site called Sideline Hotties to catch us up.

The Brady Quinn Chick Watch

It looks like everyone's favorite backup QB has a new lady friend. Is she better than the old one? We think so.

Steve Bartman Update

Will $25,000 make Steve Bartman come out of hiding? Apparently not.

Love Thyself

If you thought George Foreman had a bit of an ego for naming his five sons after himself, he's not alone among athletes who name multiple children after themselves. Special props to former MLB journeyman Juan Samuel, who named his son Samuel, making the poor kid's name Samuel Samuel.

Campus Clicks

Jennifer Love Hewitt :: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Ranking the 10 worst college-themed movies ... The Kentucky quarterback arrest epidemic ... Twenty Mangino-inspired "our coach" T-shirts.

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Deion/Pacman Adam Commercial Of The Day

We're not sure what's more entertaining -- the commercial for Drivers Select or the blooper reel from when it was filmed (thanks to Z in Chicago for the tip).

When Wheelies Go Bad

We're guessing this guy isn't getting the Ronaldo treatment from any ladies at this fundraiser.

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