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Watch Out for the Liquid Diet Guy: Campus Clicks

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The Liquid Diet Guy

Tailgaters come in many shapes and sizes -- and levels of annoyingness. :: Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Soon, August will come to a close and you'll huddle up in a parking lot with beers, brats and buddies while you wait for your boys to snap on their chin straps and take the field. And while most of the fellow fans surrounding you are people with whom you'd gladly split a case, there are always those few you'd just as soon silence with some unnecessary roughness. So as you prepare for the first game of the season, read up on the 14 tailgaters who are bound to annoy you.

Dance, Dance

Nebraska fans are primed to see their Huskers return to national prominence, and they'll do whatever it takes to show coach Bo Pelini he has their support. That includes writing him adoring and inspiring polka songs that have since been posted online for us all to enjoy.

Home-Field Advantage

Bleacher Report ranked the 10 toughest places to play in college football, and we can't help but notice that all the listed teams are actually competitive. Who's to say that just because a team's only capable of winning two games (like our beloved Syracuse Orange), its home field isn't intimidating? What, after all, strikes fear into the heart of the opponent like 35,000 fans with access to beer (a rarity at college venues), a squishy and smiling Orange mascot and the always-present threat of a loss of air pressure?

The Baddest Ball Hawks

Myron Rolle is a defensive force and a potential Rhodes Scholar. :: Courtesy of FSU Sports Information

Defense wins championships, and nothing drives a good defense like a gap-blocking, quarterback-crunching, ball-hawking stud. The Love of Sports knows this, and has put together a list of "the eight baddest men in college football." Coming in at Nos. 4 and 6, respectively, are USC linebacker Rey Maualuga and Florida State safety Myron Rolle, both of whom are SIOC fan favorites. Why? Maualuga recently wore a pink thong while practicing, and Rolle is so brilliant he might pass up an NFL career to be a Rhodes Scholar.

Doing Their Country Proud

A fair few Olympians are still in college, so keep your eyes peeled for that medal-wearing kid in your polysci class this fall. With the Games rapidly approaching, OTR's taking a look at some of the top collegiate Olympians. (Related note: Each day during the Olympics, SIOC will feature one college Olympian currently competing in Beijing, so be sure to check it out.)

Dog Days of August

It's hard to bask in the glory of your first preseason No. 1 ranking when you're in the hospital recovering from a beer-bottle induced blow to the head, or in the slammer for public intoxication or public urination. But such was the fate for four Georgia football players. What would Uga VI say?

Pet Lovers Speak

Speaking of Uga (may he rest in peace), pet owners chimed in on their favorite mascots, and he took the top spot. And since the site dished out the awards before the wrinkly mascot croaked, you can keep your posthumous-bonus-points argument to yourself.

Outside Perspective

This admitted Big Ten-hater put aside his biases to put together a pretty thorough Big Ten preview.

Pop Culture Nugget

Will James Franco's Pineapple Express performance earn him a spot among cinema's most elite stoner portrayers?

Today In Hot Clicks

Playboy Bunnies :: David Westing/Getty Images

Your picks for Wimpiest/Bizarre team names ... Amanda Beard to get naked again ... Bike mishap ... Athletes and their celebutard doppelgangers ... Video: Must-see Manny tribute ... Beer launcher.

Odds and Ends

Steve Spurrierfinally agreed to stop ranking Duke the No. 25 team in his preseason poll ... Album covers recreated with legos ... Shocker: Mike Gundy is a Red Bull addict ... Google looks to take over university IT departments, world.

Summit Shot

This is why you don't use your backpack as a tee when you're golfing onto of a mountain. - Watch more free videos

Jet-Powered Bike

A bike like this certainly would have spiced up (and sped up) the ride to school.

Jet-Powered Bicycle - Watch more free videos

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