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Wimpiest/most bizarre team names: Hot Clicks

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Wimpiest/Most Bizarre Teams

Playboy Bunnies :: David Westing/Getty Images

Before we took off for vacation last week, Hot Clicks had a couple of items on the wimpiest/most bizarre team names in sports. Well, you guys responded to the topic in a BIG way and our inbox got overstuffed with entries. We finally compiled all of them and put them into this nice file right here. One of the nicknames on the list comes from Fisher Junior/Senior High School in Fisher, Ill. They're named "The Bunnies." We're gonna go out on a limb and guess that the mascot doesn't quite look like any of the ladies above, but when we read "bunnies," this was the first thing we thought of.

The Only Olympian We Care About

Amanda Bearddoesn't seem to like wearing clothes too much.

Every Teenager's Hero

A 16-year-old boy wanted to drop out of high school so he could play video games for a living. That may not sound totally crazy to some people. But get this -- his parents let him.

Athletes' Celebrity Counterparts

Pacman Jones, Amy Winehouse :: Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images says, "For better or worse, today's athletes are entertainers, thinking more about branding their name with a fashion line rather than reporting to training camp on time." Therefore, they're taking an amusing look at the Top Seven Athletes and Their Celebutard Doppelgangers.

Back Breaker

A bike flip at the X Games didn't go so well.

In Case You Missed It...

Here'sPrince Fielder attacking Manny Parra in the dugout last night.

Sadly, We Love Almost All Of These

What are the Top 10 Most Overplayed Songs At College Parties/College Bars?

Campus Clicks

Penn State tailgaters :: Scott Halleran/Getty Images

14 tailgaters bound to annoy you ... Nebraska fans write polka songs for Bo Pelini ... Toughest places to play ... Eight baddest men in college football ... Video: Jet-powered bike.

New Items On Facebook

A new video and a new post that uses college girls to breakdown the NCAA football schedule can be found on our Hot Clicks Facebook group.

Sports Video Of The Day

This video, found here, is easily one of the top three best music spoofs we've ever seen. It's hard to go wrong paying tribute to Manny by using Barry Manilow's Mandy. (Thanks to Scott S., of Boston, for sending us the link.)

Wheel Of Fortune Video Of The Day

Steve Young, of Mississauga, Ontario follows up yesterday'sWheel of Fortune clip, with this one.

Beer Launcher Video Of The Day

If you like beer, you must watch this. (Thanks to Bill Schaefer, of Latrobe, Penn., for sending us the link.) You also might want to read this.

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