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'Pineapple Express'-Worthy Coaches: Campus Clicks

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Stone-Cold Coaches

Could Jim Tressel give James Franco's character a run for his money? :: AP : Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Pineapple Express premiered last night, and it got The College Football Guys thinking about which coaches might give James Franco's indulgent character a run for his money. Our favorite: Ohio State coach Jim Tressel (don't let the sweater vest fool you).

The Benedict Arnolds of Sports

Inspired by offensive lineman Justin Boren's move from Michigan to Ohio State, The Angry T put together a list of some of sports' other notable traitors, and five college players made the cut. We're guessing Boren's move to Columbus doesn't make up for Ohioans everywhere having to watch Desmond Howard and Charles Woodson each go on to win the Heisman Trophy as Wolverines, though.

In the Wake of Lollapalooza

The folks at Boosh admit they're growing weary of the plethora of comparative posts sweeping the blogsphere lately. But when inspiration strikes, it cannot be ignored. So in honor of the recent Lollapalooza Music Festival -- which took place in the heart of the Midwest -- the site brings you Big Ten football teams as Lollapalooza acts. Apparently, Ohio State's just like Kanye West. Maybe the boys in Columbus have been popping some Absolut Kanye tablets.

Gator Buzz-Kill

No more parties for you, Gators. :: AP

University officials gave Florida students one week to bask in the glow of being named the nation's top party school before pulling the plug on their beer bong-induced euphoria. The school released an edited version of its student conduct code on Monday, and the amendments include a ban on drinking games, kegs and other activities on campus. We're not sure how university officials plan to keep some 50,000 co-eds from partaking in a game of beer pong. Perhaps it'll be an honor system.

The Manzier: Coming to a Campus Near You

Soon, syndication on 437-plus channels won't be the only thing keeping the Seinfeld legacy alive. A Seinfeld tour bus will travel to 26 colleges in an effort to build up a younger audience. We urge anyone on or near one of these campuses to seize the chance to gaze at Jerry's legendary puffy shirt, fondle the infamous "manzier," etc.

Kickstand News

Good news for the folks in Boulder (and good comedic fodder for the folks in Austin, Lincoln and Norman): the University of Colorado has announced there will be valet bike parking at this year's football games.

Go Green (Or Blue)

Even more news out of Boulder for you today, folks: Colorado hasn't given up on our planet's future. Folson Field will be implementing a zero-waste and carbon-reduction program, which, if successful, will make it the elite eco-friendly stadium. Since you didn't know that, OTR's guessing you might not know these eight other interesting stadium facts (though if you don't know that Boise State's turf is blue, you're not a very attentive football fan).

Redeem Team, Jr.

Back in the good 'ole days, the U.S. sent college basketball players to compete in the Olympics. Concerns about this year's Redeem Team prompted Storming the Floor to carry out a little thought-experiment and put together a Team USA roster of college hoopsters.

Pop Culture Nugget

Good news for Mary-Kate Olsen: The Feds have officially closed the Heath Ledger investigation.

Today In Hot Clicks

Tiffani-Amber Thiessen :: Scott Gries/Getty Images

Hottest movie/TV cheerleaders of all time ... Recapping Hard Knocks ... Erin Andrews ... Luckiest coaches ... All 20 Madden covers ... Video: Bengals vs. Bulldogs ... Baldwin classic.

Odds and Ends

More than 100 college coaches are asking NCAA President Myles Brandto eliminate alcohol ads in college sports broadcasts ... The Princeton Review released its annual college rankings (the non-party kind). Find out where your school ranks ... A University of Alaska-Anchorage student built a human hamster wheel ... John McCain made an awkward speech for Marshall's football team.

This Kid Hates Tennessee

Sure, this is from last football season, but with the 2008 campaign moving ever closer, it felt right to ignite the rivalry flame. (Thanks to This is God Given)

Slo-Mo Lightning


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