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25 must-watch YouTube videos: Hot Clicks

Recent Hot Clicks 8-7-08: Hottest movie/TV cheerleaders 8-6-08: Meet the Brazilian synchronized swimming twins 8-5-08: Wimpiest/Most Bizarre team names 8-4-08: Previewing HBO's "Hard Knocks" 8-1-08: 'Hoosiers' among best high school movies ever 7-31-08: 50 Hottest Female Golfers 7-30-08: Celebrities as NFL Cheerleaders 7-29-08: Who we'd like to see in the Olympics 7-28-08: Top Olympic hotties 7-25-08: Eagles Cheerleaders love the environment

25 Must-See YouTube Videos

Nicollete Sheridan :: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Since YouTube has become an enormous part of every Internet user's life,'s college basketball maven Luke Winn decided to dig deep to examine various sports stories connected to the video portal. We jumped on Winn's bandwagon and decided to put together 25 YouTube clips every sports fan should watch. We avoided game highlights, such as Christian Laettnar's shot against Kentucky and Kirk Gibson's home run against the A's (two of our personal favorites) and focused on the most outrageous, amazing, bizarre and cult classics. As a bonus, we're providing what would've been the 26th video right here: the controversial intro from Monday Night Football that featured Terrell Owens/Nicollete Sheridan.

Take The Over 15.5 Interceptions

The best part of the Brett Favre trade? Vegas puts out some good prop bets. The second best part. This graphic. The stupidest thing about the Favre trade? It might be this.

Love This Author

Add in "the Olympics" and it's almost as if we wrote this piece on the Top 5 Most Annoying Sports Moments.

Movie Medal Winners

Old School :: Courtesy DreamWorks Pictures says, "Some of the greatest athletes aren't in Beijing; they're on the silver screen. See the film athletes in Olympic sports, including basketball, track, and table tennis, who've won a place on our medal stand."

The Possibilities Are Endless

The Everett Aqua Sox of the Northwest League are giving out free "Buhner Buzz Cuts" tonight by none other then Jay Buhner himself. That piece of news has inspired the Angry T to look at some other potential promotions involving former major league players.

Olympics Links

The Onionsums up the Games. ... 10 Things You Don't Want To Miss At The 2008 Summer Olympics ... Olympic athletes who should not get married. ... A truly bizarre promo for the 1984 Games. ... All-NBA Olympics: Ballers who would medal in track and field.

For The Perfect Goatee...

Since we often talk about facial hair here in Hot Clicks, we thought all of you who sport goatees might be interested in this.

Campus Clicks

USC Song Girls :: Bruce Yeung/Yeung Photography

10 hottest college cheerleading squads in the country ... Top 10 college quarterbacks who bombed in the NFL ... Take an NCAA recruiting exam ... Get to know the worst football teams ... Video: The scary side of Mister Rogers.

New Items On Facebook

A ton of beach volleyball pictures can be found on our Hot Clicks Facebook group.

Sports Video Of The Day

How not to catch a long football pass.

How Not to Catch a Long Football Pass - Watch more free videos

Madden Video Of The Day

Some of these are funny, some are not.

See more funny videos at Funny or Die

Classic Video Of The Day

These are the guys who should perform at the Opening Ceremonies in Beijing.

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