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Nick Saban is Goldfinger: Campus Clicks

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Hai Fulmer

Nick Saban's Bond villain counterpart: Goldfinger. :: AP : Getty Images

Braves and Birds blogger Michael loves two things: SEC football and Bond flicks. And if there's one thing we all seek to do in life, it's to combine our greatest passions (we at SIOC are still working on a way to combine Orioles baseball, Harry Potter and soup). So without further ado, here are the SEC coaches as Bond villains. Sneak peek: Steve Spurrier as Dr. No, Nick Saban as Goldfinger and Phil Fulmer as Hai Fat.

Wolfpack Pride

Attention Duke, UNC and Wake Forest fans: If you're looking for a way to sabotage NC State, we've got just the ticket. The school's asking fans to pick the song that will play between the third and fourth quarters. Coach Tom O'Brien has just one request: no rap.

An Early Mock

The college football season hasn't even started, but why should that stop bloggers the world over from getting cracking on NFL mock drafts? The early favorite to go No. 1 overall: Texas Tech wideout Michael Crabtree.

Stranger Than Fiction

What's a better mascot, a goat or a bulldog? :: AP

You know Georgia has 17 returning starters. You know the Bulldogs ended last season on a seven-game win-streak. You even know QB Matt Stafford can bench press a keg. But did you know that before the Bulldog, Georgia's unofficial mascot was a goat? No, you didn't, which is why we're glad Bleacher Report dug up random but intriguing facts about each preseason top 25 team.

A Dangerous Line of Work

We've got some serious cheerleading news for you today (and no, "serious news" isn't code for "sexy pictures," at least not in this case). According to LiveScience, cheerleading is the most dangerous sport for high school girls and college women, and not just because of skeevy male hecklers.

Kappa Will Drive You Crazy

Banned in Hollywood once again put its journalistic savvy to the test and unearthed the shocking connection between the Kappa Kappa Gama sorority and Bruce Ivins, of anthrax-mailing fame. The house's new slogan: "At Kappa, We Drive Men Crazy." Three cheers for that lovely example of a cleverly-used double-entendre.

Digital Drama

A few weeks ago, we told you about the adverse reaction to the Beer Pong game for Nintendo Wii. Now, the story's gone national, and Time magazine's got everything you need to know about the game, the designers who think it's grand and the parents who want it banned.

Freedom of Expression

We've all seen creative facial hair, but how about really creative head hair? Most of these are just plain creepy, but "my other face" is pure genius. Enjoy.

Pop Culture Nugget

Tropic Thunder premieres tonight, and promises to rake in the dough. NextRound says successful summer blockbusters translate into four things: prequels, sequels, spin-offs and rip-offs. So prepare for Hawaiian Tropic Thunder, Tropic Thunder from Down Under, etc.

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Evangeline Lilly :: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

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Odds and Ends

Everything you could ever want to know about Terrelle Pryorand more ... Michigan fans searching for championship gear are out of luck ... Is a Texas professor to thank for Michael Phelps' Olympic success? ... Give Florida State some love.

Well That Was Awkward

Because life isn't awkward enough already, presents the five funniest ways to screw with people in a public restroom. Who knew the Cheers theme song could come in so handy?

A Year Older, a Year Calmer?

It's Mike Gundy's birthday, so let's take a trip down memory lane.

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