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Lindsay Lohan likes Kyle Orton: Hot Clicks

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Lindsay Lohan :: Stephen Shugerman/Getty Images

From Chicago Bears quarterback to Eagles head coach to Jets quarterback, Epic Carnival is looking at the top 10 cursed football positions. Speaking of the Bears' quarterback, Kyle Ortonhas a big fan in Lindsay Lohan. Call us crazy, but based on this and this, they seem like a match made in heaven.

Check Out This Mix Of Talent

You Been Blinded has a new Vitamin Water commercial that features Brian Urlacher, Adrian Peterson, David Ortiz, Dwight Howard, 50 Cent and Carrie Underwood dressed as astronauts

Jessica Biel Alert!

8 Donkeys Blog uses the addition of instant replay to Major League Baseball as an excuse to list -- and provide YouTubes for -- the Top 10 Baseball Movies Worth an Instant Replay. We STRONGLY recommend that you watch the clip from Summer Catch.

Kill The Ump!

Angel Matos :: AP

All Balls is remembering the 10 Most Memorable Referee Attacks In Sports History

Quiz Time

Can you tell the difference between an NHL coach and a Canadian Premier? If so, you'll want to take this quiz.

We're Scarred

A few of months ago, Hot Clicks had a lot of fun with the whole Rick Roll phenomenon. We even publishedErin Andrews' "phone number" as a way to get you guys. But when Mike, of Ardmore, Ala., sent us an e-mail with this link yesterday ... well, that's just going too far.

Awesome Addicts

The Blog of Hilarity breaks down the seven most hilarious TV addictions of all time.

Campus Clicks

Mario Lopez, Tiffani Amber-Thiessen

Fictional colleges quiz ... Underrated offseason stories ... Sex class disappoints Rainey ... Dumb arrest of the day ... Video: College Colors Day.

Facebook Items

Kate Beckinsale fans will want to check out our Hot Clicks Facebook group page. We also have an item about celebrity fights we'd like to see.

Sports Video Of The Day

A rap about fantasy football.

Golf Cart Video Of The Day

This is impressive.

Ninth Hole Ninth Beer - Watch more free videos

Classic Video Of The Day

We posted a video here yesterday of a weather man and his stalker fan. Turns out the video is fake. According to a couple of e-mails we got, the supposed stalker is actually the weather man's news director. But we'd go out on a limb and say the video below is real. And it's much better than yesterday's.

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