George O'Leary is Not Offering Phone Sex: Campus Clicks

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You've Got the Wrong Number

George O'Leary's had some phone issues lately. :: AP : Jaime Chard/Getty Images

College coaches are bound to say surprising things, but if there's one thing you don't expect to hear when you call up Central Florida head coach George O'Leary, it's "Hi sexy, you've reached the one-on-one fantasy line."

Caption This: College Edition

Simon on Sports dug up some amusing and ambiguous photos from college football's opening weekend, and one thing's immediately apparent: The USC jock-itch jokes are far from over.

Grab a Hose

Every time some unfortunate occurrence shatters our faith in mankind, something like the 144-person beer bong comes along to renew it. If this doesn't prove once and for all that there's a place for intellectual innovation and community spirit in organized drinking, nothing will.

Let the Watching Begin

Missouri has two Heisman hopefuls in Jeremy Maclin and Chase Daniel. :: AP

We were saying it wasn't too early to start the 2008 Heisman watch in June, so it's certainly not too early to start it after opening weekend. As it stands, The Love of Sports thinks 10 guys (plus five sleepers) have a legitimate shot, but we all know that stage can only hold five guys. Fun fact: Missouri's the only school with two players on the list, QB (and 2007 Heisman finalist) Chase Daniel and super sophomore WR Jeremy Maclin.

A Mass-Exodus, Clemson-Style

By now, we all know that No. 24 Alabama rocked No. 9 Clemson on Saturday. Roll 'Bama Roll unearthed a great shot of the stadium near the end of the game, and we can sum it up simply by saying this: One team's fans stuck around for the end of the game, and one team's didn't.

No Interviews for You

Florida wide receiver Louis Murphy's got an issue with Miami's monopoly on "The U" nickname and Florida coach Urban Meyer's got an issue with Murphy talking to the media.

Meet The Pharoh

Cal Poly's win over San Diego State didn't quite make headlines like Appalachian State's win over Michigan did last year, but this was a I-A team losing to a I-AA team to open the season. Now, one blogger feels compelled to introduce the world to Cal Poly's not-so-secret weapon, 6-foot-6, 228 lb. senior wideout Ramses Barden (hereby known as Shakespeare or The Pharoh).

Avoid the Kitchen Sink Guy

Lecture can be bad enough on its own, so to avoid further discomfort and displeasure, College Candy advises you sit far, far away from these five types of people.

Pop Culture Nugget

From Full House to the brand-spankin-new 90210, you've lusted after Lori Loughlin. You're not alone.

Today In Hot Clicks

Leryn Franco :: AFP

We have brand spankin' new Leryn Franco pics ... Fish doing just fine ... Holtz's new gimmick ... Week 1 NFL games as summer movies ... Video: Mascot accident ... Funny Obama analysis.

Odds and Ends

A tale of two (Kevin) Crafts ... There's no news link here, but bloggers don't need a time-hook to show pictures of hot college girls in team gear ... Shouldn't more people be talking about Graham Harrell's incredible first-game stats? ... Two Oklahoma Sooners were injured in a bar-room brawl that involved guns, knives and tire irons.

Slick Rick's Speech

UCLA's 27-24 OT win last night over No. 18 Tennessee was a big deal for the team, the conference and new head coach Rick Neuheisel, but if you didn't know the context, you'd think Neuheisel had just led the Bruins to a national title -- for an unprecedented 19th-straight year.

Take that, Sooners

This Texas fan has unconditional love for his Longhorns, but some nasty words for the rival-Sooners. (Warning: Strong language is involved)

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