Bringing Paris, Shun and Shaun Together: Campus Clicks

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Shun, Shaun and Paris Get Together

Paris Hilton, Shun White and Shaun White. :: Charley Gallay/Getty Images : AP

Bleacher Report's list of college football's stud performances doesn't actually have anything to do with Paris Hilton, but it's called "College Football's All-Paris Hilton Team: Week One Edition" nonetheless. This week's Paris' include Navy RB Shun White, who probably can't ride a half-pipe like near-name-twin Shaun White, but did manage to rush for 338 yards on only 19 carries.

Some Love for the Losers

We're one week into the college football season, and while none of us can get enough CFB news, Boosh Magazine couldn't help but notice a disturbing trend: All the coverage is about the really good teams, or the teams who were supposed to be really good but have already blown it. But what about the teams, like our beloved Syracuse Orange, that were totally and utterly hopeless from the start? Boosh, at least, has some love for 10 of these teams -- and no, they're not all from the ACC and Big East.

Science Says: Watch Sports Freely

Folks, this is the link for which we've all been waiting. At long last, scientific proof that being a sports fan is good for the brain. Rather than making us all anti-social and mute, sitting around watching sports actually improves our language skills. So next time your parents, significant other or kids yell at you for watching the morning, afternoon and evening broadcasts on a Saturday, gently (and eloquently) tell them you're just giving your neural synapses what they crave.

A Friend Request

James Southwick holds the "Facebook Me: Barrett Caldwell" sign on Saturday. :: Courtesy of James Southwick

First, a little background: Two years ago when College GameDay traveled to Clemson for the first time, a guy in the crowd held up a sign that read "Facebook Me: Barrett Caldwell." He got around 1,000 friend requests after TV cameras caught the sign. Now, Barrett is training for the Coast Guard and won't have an Internet connection for more than a month. With Barrett incommunicado, his good friend James Southwick thought it would be a laugh to hold up the same sign this past Saturday when GameDay went to Atlanta for the Clemson-Alabama game (pictured above). His hope: That when Barrett returns, he'll have thousands of random friend requests, pokes and wall posts waiting to greet him. We at Campus Clicks are doing our part. Now it's your turn.

A Buckeye From Alaska

The folks at The Meaningful Collateral have too much tact to criticize vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin's 17-year-old daughter, Bristol, for getting knocked-up, but they have absolutely no problem attacking her for wearing an Ohio State sweatshirt.

Bye, Bye, Redshirt

If you took the under on "Sean Glennon will last two weeks as Virginia Tech's starting quarterback," you should probably gamble more. Glennon's out and Tyrod Taylor (at long last, redshirt-free) is in.

This Was Not the Plan

Only six people have graduated from Harvard with a 4.0 since the school started computerizing its records in 1982, and now the most recent one to accomplish the feat is working at Blockbuster. Clearly, the rest of us are doomed.

Be a Good Intern (Read: Coffee-maker)

Just because summer's over doesn't mean internships are, so here are 17 tips on how to be a good intern. Sneak peek: Don't smoke cigars.

Pop Culture Nugget

You've probably been struggling with this question since last night's two-hour premiere, but now Co-Ed wants you to pick a side: The new 90210 ladies, or the old.

Today In Hot Clicks

Deborah Salavaggio :: Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images

Fifty hottest WAGs of 2008 ... Erin Andrews news ... Greatest sports calls ... Hardest football hits ... Addicted to fantasy ... Top film characters ... Video: Swift base running ... Banned commercial.

Odds and Ends

Worth clicking on for the headline alone ... Chicago students spent their Labor Day floating down a river (it's tradition) ... Tennessee's loss to UCLA sent it plummeting in the SEC rankings ... The Fridge had a mini-Mike Gundy moment.

I'll Drag her to Oak Street...

Here's a tip: Learn to spell your street name so the ambulance can find you. (Thanks to Marco)

Bounce Away, But Don't Suffocate

Sometimes moon-bounces are fun, and sometimes they're death-traps. - Watch more free videos

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