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New On The Market

Care to rent a USC song girl? :: Andy Altenburger/Icon SMI

A USC song girl: Apparently, the school (which is known to use students for a little extra dough, eh hem Lil' Romeo) is renting their perky bombshells for $150 a pop. This could be the best contract you ever sign.

Coming To A Town Near You

I'm still trying to figure what the heck a "philosophy store" is, but, regardless, it seems Tennessee running back Arian Foster has every intention of opening one.

Campus Upgrade

Finally! One world-renowned university has figured out how to reign in the top students. It's not about SATs or "campus life." It's not about professors' involvement and passion for their subjects. No, what it comes down to is well ... take a look. All I have to say is: Go Quakers.

Phelps Meets Brooklyn

Michael Phelps has never loved fantasy football so much. :: Mike Stobe/Getty Images : Raphael Mazzucco/SI

So, this is what eight gold medals and years of hard work get you: a Brooklyn Decker fantasy. According to Michael Phelps' Facebook fan page, he "did a fantasy football draft last night against guys like Ronnie Lott, Jeremy Roenick and Brooklyn Decker (the SI swimsuit model!)." Forget Oprah.

Downside of Facebook

Those ads, they're everywhere! From the "Kim Kardashian diet" to the dreaded "Muffin Top." Who knew that Mark Zuckerberg kid had such an evil side. Listen, guy, I just wanted to talk to my friends. Why we gotta bring my love handles into this?

Father Of The Year

Forget Pop Warner or youth leagues. To mold your child into a star, follow the guidance of this Virginia fan.

Classroom Pirates

First music, then movies, now textbooks. A recent study showed that more students are flocking to Web sites that offer pirated copies of textbooks. Students are stealing biochemistry. What is this world coming to? (And why didn't I know about these sites when I was in college?)

Hazing Gone Haywire

At one Christian university, that prides itself on fostering "the academic, spiritual, and personal growth of the student and develops a sense of honor and respect in a context of inescapable love and vital passion," freshmen initiation was taken to extreme. So extreme that a residence director got canned and a formal apology had to be issued to the "victims." Let's just say forcing underclassmen to skinny dip at 2 in the morning on the first day of classes is usually frowned upon.

Pop Culture Nugget

After vehemently denying he'll ever perform at the VMA's again, Kanye Westhad a change of heart. Well, not really, he is still madly in love with himself and he yearns to be in the spotlight 24/7.

Today In Hot Clicks

NFL Cheerleaders :: Stewart Shining/SI

NFL vs. NCAA cheerleaders ... NFL Quiz ... Jordan and Michael Jackson ... Swami turns 30 ... Joba impersonator busted ... Video: Djokavic booed ... Couple of kisses.

Odds and Ends

Lindsay Lohan is keeping her clothes on (for once) ... Could it be? Ghostbusters 3? ... How to prove you're brilliant: earn a 4.0 GPA at Hahhhhvahhhd then work at Blockbuster ... More yummy vending machine options for Boston U. students.

McCain Is Still Buggin ...

Diddy. Puff. Mr. Puffy. Could you be anymore awkward if you tried?

Face Plant

Sometimes, your few seconds of fame aren't all they're chalked up to be. - Watch more free videos

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