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It's Not Over, Patriot Fans

Kristin Cavalleri, Gisele :: Peter Kramer/Getty Images

Message to New Englanders -- Get off the ledge! The NFL season is far from over. For starters, Bill Belichick is still the best coach in football. Second, Matt Cassel is more than up for the gig -- and the eye candy that comes with it. Over the past six years, he's backed up Matt Leinart (who's been linked to Kristin Cavalleri) and Gisele's favorite QB, Tom Brady. Add these factors -- and this incredible YouTube performance of him singing the Backstreet Boys -- and you've got another Super Bowl quarterback.

Babes of Entourage

Jimmy is out for the next couple days trying to figure out what to do in October when his Yankees aren't in the playoffs. But we'll try and cheer him up with this link -- the 44 babes of Entourage -- including the incredible Emmanuelle Chriqui (a.k.a. -- Sloan).

Watch Your Back, Tiger

We love five-year-old Drew Gray for two reasons. First, he made a hole-in-one at Yorktown Golf Club in Belleville, Ill. last Sunday. Second, he has the same name as I do (and this soccer legend).

One Other Reason to Watch the Patriots

If Cassel's eye candy isn't enough reason to tune into the Patriots, maybe Becca Lewis -- the team's newest cheerleader and recent high school graduate -- will inspire you to tune in.


Dwight Howard :: AP

Dwight Howard may be Superman, but according to the Orlando Sentinel, the man of steel needs 189,000 gallons of water a month to survive (compared to 10,000 gallons of a normal family). Check out the rest of Florida's biggest water wasters.

Olympic Update

Don't expect to see the Bulgarian Women's Ice Hockey team in the 2010 Winter Olympics. After losing qualifying matches to Croatia and Italy by a combined score of 71-1, the Bulgarians lost to Croatia yesterday by the mind-boggling score of 82-0.

The Palin Factor

With the nation abuzz over Sarah Palin, it was only a matter of time before someone came up with a list of the The 10 Hottest Female Politicians Of All Time.

Greatest Movie Athletes

From Jimmy Chitwood to Jesus Shuttlesworth, The Legend of Cecilo Guante takes a look at the best sports movie players of all time.

Burglary of the Day

A man in a wheelchair robbed a Dallas convenient store, stealing 10 boxes of condoms, an energy drink and no cash. We don't even have a joke.

Campus Clicks

Lindsay Lohan and Jennifer Aniston:: Mark Mainz/Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Li-Lo helps shed light on the ACC's football woes ... The cheerleader-and-mascot-rental market ... Move over Madden and SI, here's the Adidas curse ... David Hasselhoff goes insane for UA football.

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Sports Video Of The Day

If you haven't seen Carolina's incredible last-second victory over San Diego, here is the final play. Even more enjoyable is the last five seconds of this video, where the lovely Rosario Dawson was named one of the Players of the Game (thanks to Awful Announcing for the tip).

Stockton Dawson
by bsap11

Pants on Fire Video Of The Day

Idiot Sets Pants On Fire - Watch more free videos

The headline pretty much says it all.

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