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Two Conspiracy Theories

Jim Tressel and Pete Carroll will do battle this weekend. :: AP

We might not know how Beanie Wells' foot is doing, but we do know Ohio State barely handled the Ohio Bobcats this past weekend. Still, The Big Lead thinks listing USC as a 10.5-point favorite for the upcoming battle with the Buckeyes is a tad harsh. Harsh or not, the folks at Every Day Should be Saturday have a suggestion for Jim Tressel and the Buckeyes: Inject some Ohio essence into USC's diet, and watch the Trojans crumble.

Song Girls go for a Dip

Busted Coverage has unearthed pictures of this year's USC Song Girls frolicking in the water. We could write a longer tease, but let's be honest, it's not necessary.

Never Give Up

Any list that has both Steve Spurrier's hilarious insinuation that Auburn students can't read and Jimmy V's inspiring almost-last words is a list worth our time. The Love of Sports has compiled the top 20 coaching quotes and whether they're professional, collegiate, real or fictional, these are some of the most amusing and moving sound-bites in recent history.

College vs. Pro: Cheerleader Edition

UF cheerleader Britany Raymond, a Miami Dolphins cheerleader. :: Courtesy of Bruce Yeungs : Robert E. Hudson, Jr./Icon SMI

As football kicked-off last week, many a blogger debated the superiority of college football versus the NFL. Now, FanIQ has moved on to a parallel (but more visually pleasing) debate: Which are better, college or NFL cheerleaders? The conclusion: Ask on Saturday and get one answer, ask on Sunday and get another.

School of Rock

When picking a college, most people look for the basics: quality academics, a beautiful campus in a desirable location, competitive sports teams and a wide array of bars. For many people, that's enough. Others, however, long for more. Some want a college town that puts a premium on fitness, while others want to attend a political hotbed. Still others want one with a great musical scene. For the latter, Boosh Magazine put together a list of the six best college towns for the music-loving among us. At the top, Boulder, Colorado, where you can freely congregate, jam and eat granola.

A Cougar Commitment

Yesterday, Campus Clicks reader John sent the following e-mail: "It seems every time I am watching College GameDay, no matter where it is, a guy is in the background with a Washington State U. flag. This has been going on for at least three years ... What gives?" Before we could shoot an explanatory note back to John, he'd done a little digging and found the answer. But just in case any of you have been wondering the same thing for lo, these many years, we thought we'd fill you in on the national chain of Cougars fans who make sure the WSU flag flies high for each and every GameDay broadcast.

Palin the Chronic Matriculater

Everyone's been busy talking about vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin's pregnant daughter, Trooper Gate scandal and action figures, but no one's mentioned that she attended six colleges over six years. Who said her decision-making ability was a concern?

Life is Full of Difficult Decisions

We at Campus Clicks don't like to make blanket statements, but that caveat aside, it's safe to say most college kids like posters and beer. It's also safe to say that as humans, we all seek to combine our passions. Thus, the brilliance of beer posters in general, and of these five in particular.

Pop Culture Nugget

What do Mario Lopez and Jose Canseco have in common (besides large biceps)? They, along with these 13 other celebrities, are on Yes But No But Yes' list of stars who'd go anywhere to get their picture taken.

Today In Hot Clicks

Ana Ivanovic :: Courtesy of FHM

Ana Ivanovic wants you to drink more milk ... Domestic problems for Nature BoyRic Flair ... MLB players who we wish would just go away ... Video: Someone teach Greg Oden how to sing.

Odds and Ends

Week two, in pictures ... This college freshman was randomly assigned to his father's former dorm room ... The Gator-fan arrest tally keeps on rising ... No one's sleeping on East Carolina anymore.

In Case You Missed It...

Yesterday, we linked to David Hasselhoff's official blog, where he chronicled (in video and prose) his journey to an Arizona football game. In case you missed it, here's Hasselhoff frolicking among the Wildcat-faithful.

Find more videos like this on David Hasselhoff Social Network

Bike, Girl, Ground

Surely she knew the barrel was there, and yet... - Watch more free videos

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