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A Public Apology

Erin Andrews :: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

We try to take a couple of days off to recover from the opening weekend of the NFL season and all hell breaks loose. Tom Brady gets knocked out for the year. Vince Young may or may not have been missing. And Brenda Walsh was nowhere to be found on last night's episode of 90210. But there are two pieces of news more important than those. First, baseball producer Ted Keith decided not to enter a starting lineup for Week 1 of our fantasy football season. Who the !@#$ doesn't enter a lineup in Week 1??? Keith needs to be publicly humiliated for that move, and I'm here to do it. Second, my Hot Clicks fill-in Andy Gray committed a big no-no yesterday and I'm here to apologize. Gray wrote "We still think NESN's Heidi Watney puts Erin Andrews to shame..." Now, you have to know that Gray is from Boston, hence, Monday's lead item and this ridiculous statement. He was clearly trying to stir the pot and rile you guys up. He knows that Erin Andrews is basically the first lady of Hot Clicks, and he knew this line would ruffle some feathers, and it worked. Marc, of Granger, Ind., e-mailed to say, "Heidi Watney can't hold Erin Andrews' microphone. It's not even a close comparison." Justin, of Boston, said "Wow, the last thing I expected to see in Hot Clicks was a diss of Erin Andrews." And Jason, of Austin, Texas, said "Heidi will come and go like the rest of the sideline reporters. Erin is here to stay. Try to resist the flavor of the month." We agree with all of these astute readers. When it comes to looks, personality and sideline reporting, EA takes a back seat to nobody!

Casting Call

New Line Cinema is making a romantic comedy based on Sean Avery's time as a Vogue intern this past summer. If you can actually get past the ridiculousness of that sentence, check out Puck Daddy's take on who should be cast in the film.

Injury Of The Year

MLS player Fabian Espindola recently broke his leg during a game against David Beckham's L.A. Galaxy -- after celebrating a goal by doing back-flips. The Beautiful Game has a full recap here and video here. And as site producer Ryan Hunt tells us, the goal didn't even count!

Quiz Time

The Iron Sheik

Mental Floss tests you knowledge of pro wrestling's finishing moves. We got 12 out of 12. We're very proud.

We Hope He Does Bye, Bye, Bye Next

Greg Oden + singing N'Sync = great freakin' video.

You Can't Go Home Again

Which quarterback really wants to join Patriots? Food Court Lunch has the scoop.

Fun With Photos

Joe Sports Fan looks back at Week 1's most bizarre fans. Meanwhile, Drew Stout, of Cary, Ill., e-mailed us this summary of the Patriots' season.

Campus Clicks

Greg Robinson :: AP

Kittens to feel the wrath of Syracuse fans ... Great marketing campaign for Arkansas St. fans ... "Ball U" shirt banned ... Braylon Edwards vs. Michael Phelps ... Video: Rap translated.

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Ryan Parker looks at the upside of Tom Brady's injury.

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Robbery Video Of The Day

We hope this is real.

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Political Video Of The Day

This would've spiced up the Republican National Convention.

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Classic Video Of The Day

We've mentioned the Patriots and Tom Brady a lot, and we've already linked to a Ryan Parker tune. But this just seems so appropriate for this section.

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