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Sky High

Reby Sky :: Courtesy of

Exactly one week ago, we linked to a post by the Legend of Cecilio Guante in which the site discussed the fact that it couldn't find many pictures of attractive females wearing NFL jerseys. Chris Mott, of Sodus, N.Y., John, of Portland, Maine, and Brian Olson of Rochester, Minn., all e-mailed a link to, which features model Reby Sky in various Giants apparel. Sky also has an "official" Web site that you may want to peruse. One of the nuggets found there, which makes this a legitimate sports story is that -- and we'll quote from the Web site here, "In addition to dance, theatre and music, Reby has now added professional football player to her repertoire; She has recently signed with the LFL (Lingerie Football League) and will be playing with the Tampa Breeze football team in the 2008-2009 season. GO BREEZE !!!!"

Mail Call

We don't have room in Hot Clicks to address some of the important e-mails we received while we were off for a couple of days, so we did so here. Topics covered include competition for Ingrid Vandenbosch, a very attractive Big Ten Network sideline reporter, ridiculous things said during the Olympics and much more.

Tom Brady Links

We dare you to listen to this song and not have it stuck in your head all day ... Brady's injury has been voted as the most significant in Boston sports history. ... However, there is some good news for Brady. ... The Madden 09 cover that should've been. ... A must-see Photoshop.

Nobody Puts Paps In A Corner!

Jonathan Papelbon :: Elsa/Getty Images

This has been a banner month for random videos featuring athletes who know how to have fun. First, we had Chris Cooley's fantasy football draft. (Dan Koller, of Pittsburgh, makes an excellent point about this. Fred Smoot's drafting Tom Brady is even funnier given the recent events.) Then we had Greg Odensinging an NSYNC song. And now we have Jonathan Papelbondancing in drag and playingPatrick Swayze part from Dirty Dancing back in high school. (Thanks to Jesse, of Boston, for sending us the link.)

Speaking Of Cooley...

He's not as good looking as Giada De Laurentiis and he's not as skilled in the kitchen as Paula Deen, but he's still pretty entertaining to watch as he cooks breakfast.

Random Links

Torii Hunter channeled his innerMichael Phelps yesterday. ... If you like to wager -- for recreational purposes only, of course -- don't overreact to Week 1 events. ... Sidney Crosby not only plays hockey, but he delivers season tickets to fans, too.

Music And Movies

That's So Fetch pays tribute to the top 10 fictitious bands of all time. We're not sure, however, how this group missed the cut. Meanwhile, lists the Ten Comedies from the '80s That You Can't Stop Quoting After Seeing Them.

Swap Lives With Waltrip

If you've ever dreamed about being a NASCAR driver (and have the cash), you're in luck. Michael Waltrip will switch jobs with the fan who submits the winning bid (which goes to charity) in this auction. The winner will travel to Charlotte, N.C., and spend the day with Waltrip and live as he does. In return, Waltrip will travel to the winning bidder's hometown and do their job for an afternoon.

Campus Clicks

Sam Bradford, Jake Locker :: David E. Klutho/SI : John Froschauer/Icon SMI

Washington, Oklahoma have ref issues ... Bizarre questions for Pete Carroll ... Florida student lands Playboy cover ... Ohio St.-USC is a hot ticket ... Video: The Dead Schembechlers are back.

More Stuff On Facebook

USC song girls vs. UCLA song girls and Tom Brady's girlfriend highlight the new links added to the Hot Clicks Facebook group.

Sports Video Of The Day

The tackle of the year. (You can watch it from another angle here.)

God-Awful Music Video Of The Day

Reader Brian Warner directed us to this unbelievably funny post titled "9 Crimes White People Have Committed Against Hip-Hop." Each video is worth watching, but one stood out for us and we had to feature it.

Jessica Simpson Video Of The Day

Tony Romo's girl talks trash to Eagles fans.

Classic Video Of The Day

We always keep things fun and lighthearted here, and we never mention important stuff. But it's impossible to be in New York City today and not think about 9/11, especially since we were in New York City on 9/11 seven years ago. But we still want to do what we aim to do on a daily basis, and that's try to provide you with a laugh or two. So here is Adam Sandler doing his Operaman character at the Concert for New York City.

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