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Meet the Bruijans (or Trojins)

Could the Trojans absorb the Bruins? :: Chris Williams/Darryl Dennis/IconSMI

In cast you haven't heard, BYU flat-out spanked UCLA Saturday, 59-0. It was the Bruins' worst loss in more than 70 years, and it got the folks at eTrueSports thinking: Maybe the Rick Neuheisel era should only last two games. Maybe it's finally time for the Bruins brass to go after the one coach who could actually even-up the cross-town rivalry. Maybe, in other words, it's time for Pete Carroll to take over both teams and introduce the world to the USCLA Bruijans. Just a thought.

What we Learned

Every Saturday is an education, and, as usual, the blog-sphere wants to share its newly-acquired knowledge with the masses. Some of the simple truths we all learned this weekend: Hail Mary passes are all the rage, Cal secretly misses its tree-sitting protesters and the attractiveness of a school's student fan base might have something to do with winning percentage.

BYU to UCLA: Your Women are Mine

Busted Coverage was on-site for Saturday's most important action (The USC-OSU pregame tailgate) and has photos galore. For game action, The Wiz of Odds has all the best week three snapshots. Meanwhile, College Game Balls has its weekly look at some of the most amusing audience signs from College GameDay (we particularly enjoyed the simplicity of the "My Foot Hurts" sign). But why stick to compiling other people's images when you're so good at creating amusing ones of your own?

Look-alike of the Day

Were Beanie Wells and Flo Rida separated at birth? :: Harry How/Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Ohio State fans are still undoubtedly bummed that Beanie Wells couldn't play Saturday night against USC. But there was one good thing about Wells watching the game from the sideline: With his helmet off, we could all freely examine his uncanny resemblance to Flo Rida.

Strap on a Brace

Winning doesn't always feel good, as Charlie Weis knows. On Saturday, one of Weis' own players was blocked and knocked forcefully into the coach, who fell awkwardly on the sidelines and tore his ACL and MCL. Not one to wail and moan, Weis strapped on a brace, grabbed some crutches and returned to the field for the best anesthetic life could offer: a ND-over-Michigan smack-down.

Remember the Program

Everyone, including's own Andy Staples, has a special place in his or her heart for Rudy. Everyone except the folks at The World of Issac that is. TWI thinks The Program is a better football film than Rudy for a simple reason: It's not about Notre Dame. In homage to Joe Kane and rehab, TWI's put together a quiz to see how much Program trivia you can recall.

Bad Badger Bikers

Wisconsin police are planting GPS chips in bikes, waiting for thieves to steal said bikes, tracking the theives down and arresting them. We're not sure if this is ingenious or entrapment, but either way, be sure to properly ID your ride before peddling back from lecture, kids.

We Miss the Overly Confident Pool Guy

That's So Fetch's list of the 10 most obnoxious people at college bars is a rare combination of insulting and nostalgic. Reading each description, we couldn't help but mock along with the writer. And yet, all we wanted to do at the end was head up to Syracuse for a Friday night at Chuck's.

Pop Culture Nugget

Michael Phelps might have dropped the ball as SNL host, but Tina Fey's Sarah Palin impersonation was one for the ages.

Today In Hot Clicks

Mila Kunis :: Michael Buckner/Getty Images

Why we love Kirk Ferentz ... Fun with jerseys ... College fight song quiz ... Chargers LB on loss ... Are cheerleaders worth watching the Chiefs ... Video: Stretcher mishap ... Ed Hochuli tribute.

Odds and Ends

If you thought USC-OSU tickets were expensive, wait until you see how much parking cost ... Knowshon Moreno isn't the only running back who can hurdle ... Five warning signs your professor might be bad news ... Dress to impress while working out.

Boomer Sooner!

This Oklahoma tailgate video might be a week old, but asking your friend if the "S" on the bottom left corner of his jersey stands for "sissy" or "sexy" is amusing no matter how much time's passed.


The fun starts 45 seconds in.

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