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The Beacon/The Hunted

Terrelle Pryor has his fair share of nicknames :: Aaron Josefczyk/Icon SMI

OK, so USC demolished Ohio State on primetime television. And yeah, Beanie Wells' foot injury continues to plague him. And sure, Ohio is a battleground state this election season and all its residents are justifiably stressed. But then there's Terrelle Pryor, a beacon of light and hope and the subject of an excellent profile in Details' October issue. Granted, the title The Hunted doesn't really fit with the whole "ray of light" theme we're going for here, but so be it.

I Smell a Challenge

Chances are, even your grandma knows Ed Hochuli blew it (literally) in Sunday's Broncos-Chargers game. But college football has seen its share of questionable calls as well. Just rewind to last week's Washington-BYU game for proof. From the puzzling to the downright infuriating, Bleacher Report's ranking the 10 worst calls of the BCS era.

Smile Fonzy

As promised, celebrity after celebrity paced the USC sidelines for Saturday night's game. And since the world only needed so many pictures of USC touchdown celebrations, the cameramen turned their lenses to the sideline-star power instead.

That's a Shockingly Ugly Shocker

Ugly Fugly says Wichita State's logo is the ugliest in the land. :: Courtesy of Wichita State

Ugly Fugly's put together a list of the 15 worst college logos, and while we've got some issues with the selections (Maryland, Duke, N.C. State and Wake Forest? Anti-ACC bias, much?), there's no arguing with the top three finishers, Culver Stockton, Western Kentucky and Wichita State. Never have an abstract wildcat, a piece of cloth and a stock of wheat looked so bad.

One Way to Win the Big Ten

From loyal Clicks reader Jordan: "Looks like Ohio State is taking out its aggression over the USC loss by creating false reports of Penn Staters stabbing them." An intriguing e-mail, we're sure you'll agree. Just because the accuser was spotted in an OSU cap doesn't mean Jordan's theory is correct, but we have always said false accusation and demoralization are acceptable ways to sure-up a conference championship.

All Hail the Titany Lions

Syracuse is clearly doomed to be one of college football's main whipping boys for a long, long time, but if there was one thing we 'cusians could count on (besides Jim Boeheim and John Desko) it was our excellent proof-reading skills. No longer.

It's Pledge Time

Maybe you're not the frat-type, but if you are, chances are you've got a mental ranking, and you're convinced not getting to pledge your top choice will spell four years of lame parties, celibacy and ugly hoodies. That's why OTR's put together a guide for getting into the frat of your choice, and believe it or not, it all comes down to which polo you wear.

The Newest Addiction

Next time your parents or a concerned friend sits you down and chastises you for your addictive smoking and drinking habits, place a reassuring hand on his or her shoulder and say, "at least I'm not a tanorexic."

Pop Culture Nugget

You actually can learn something form MC Breed: Relieve yourself often.

Today In Hot Clicks

Hayden Panettiere :: Getty Images

Most quotable TV quips ... Mets' meltdown ... Least bankable athletes ... Revisiting Reby Sky ... Must-see rookie hazing photos ... Political gaffes ... Video: Great hurdle ... Stern show prank on CNN.

Odds and Ends

You are now cordially invited to Frank Beamer's office ... USC might add another weapon ... Harvard didn't cheat ... USC can thank the Pac-10 for its great success.

Sneaky Cat

This is a super-stealthy cat. Hilarious and adorable.

Fear the Turtle

This is why you should fear the turtle (and it's also why you should cut back on the Gatorade).

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