Tailgating Nation Stops at USC: Campus Clicks

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The Tailgate Mobile Goes to Cali

Pete Carroll, Mark Sanchez and the Song Girls. What's not to love? :: AP: Kevin Reece/Icon SMI

This week, Tailgating Nation (digitally) swings by USC, where the product's strong, the tradition's stronger and the fans are super. Plus, the coach looks 10 years younger than he did 10 years ago and the Song Girls are smokin'. So make Uncoached happy and book your ticket to L.A. now.

The Sports Snooze Button

Auburn's 3-2 win over Mississippi State would have been thrilling ... if the boys had been playing with bats and gloves instead of shoulder pads and helmets. For all the talk about the SEC's football supremacy, The College Football Guys can't help but long for a TV sports alarm to wake them up after they fall into SEC-induced slumbers.

Simmer Down, Coach Johnson

The folks at Rumors and Rants have two issues with Paul Johnson: He runs the triple-option offense ("What is this, 1942?") and he calls TV announcers who question his coaching decisions "morons." Doesn't he know it's every announcer's and blogger's right to second-guess even the minutest of calls?

The Crabtree Watch, Etc.

Even monster tackles can't stop Michael Crabtree. :: AP

It's Wednesday, so by now you've probably caught up on the fact that Ohio State no longer merits a top-five ranking, the Mountain West looks like a better conference than the Pac-10 and Jahvid Best likes to projectile green Gatorade onto his opponent's field. But have you kept tabs on Michael Crabtree's stats,Steve Spurrier's state of limbo, or the Nittany Lions' reemergence?

A Swoosh Mistake

Had Syracuse-legend Ernie Davis been born a few decades later, shoe company endorsement offers would have come fast and furious. Since he died in 1963, however, it's a little strange that a recently unveiled statue of Davis, the first African American to win the Heisman, has a Nike swoosh (the swoosh, for the record, first entered our lives in 1971) on his shoe.

Don't Get a Flag, Freshmen

Orienting to college life can be hard, which is why it's nice that sites like Holy Taco are here to provide freshman with survival guides. Here are the 16 penalties committed by college freshman, with accompanying referee illustrations to ensure optimal comprehension. Now you'll know to avoid bragging about being the lord of the dance, asking annoying questions that delay the end of class and joining the diving team.

Grab a Pen ... And a Pool Cue

Those of you who are still unemployed and would sell your soul to land your first post-grad job will undoubtedly find this absurd, but apparently many companies feel compelled to talk-up their perks in order to attract young, prospective employees. Indeed, we at SIOC only came to SI.com because of the foosball table on the 33rd floor (kidding, bosses...). The Daily Californian has the scoop on the free food, at-work massages and pool tables luring the masses.

Summer Goes Global

This just in: Not all college students spent their summers lazing around at the beach or slaving away at local, unpaid internships. UWire chatted with five lucky co-eds who spent their summer hoping across the globe (because yes, an unpaid internship is vastly more interesting if it happened in Cambodia).

Pop Culture Nugget

Action movies are supposed to make your eyes dilate, your heart race and the back of your neck prickle. But sometimes it's hard to notice those things when you're busy cracking up at the ludicrous plot. And so, in honor of the soon-to-be-released Bangkok Dangerous, NextRound decided to rank the top 12 action movies that are actually comedies.

Today In Hot Clicks

Jenn Brown :: MJ Kim/Getty Images

Inside the NFL hires hottie, Jenn Brown ... Top-selling NFL jerseys ... Clumsy streaker ... Five standard hot dog moves ... Dumbest plays ... Video: Michigan follies ... Megan Fox ... Hitler.

Odds and Ends

Learn to brew beer, get college credit ... First South Carolina lost its naming rights to USC, now this ... How dare you judge Syracuse fans for booing ... Get the old Facebook back.

Go U

These pro-team, go-team raps never get old, especially when they're so serious.

Riot at Hodge's

This is what it looks like when a mob of students (in this case, Miami (Ohio) students) congregates outside the university president's house to protest after finding out they'd have class the next day even though the campus didn't have power.

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