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How Well Do You Know Cheerleaders?

Redskins cheerleaders :: Simon Bruty/SI

Hot Clicks knows that you guys love cheerleaders. But do you appreciate the history of cheerleading? Do you fully understand the impact cheerleaders have had on society? Do you know your facts when it comes to these fine ladies working the sidelines? We have no doubt that the answer to those questions is an emphatic "no," but you still should take this amusing Cheerleader Quiz put together by (we only got 7 out of 14). When you're done with the quiz, you can check out's weekly cheerleader gallery.

Just Wow

Yankee Stadium is going on with a bang. You must check out the story and video of this fan. The dude caught a home run ball TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW. And then embarrassed himself by doing the Cabbage Patch TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW.

Simulated Speedsters

The Ghosts Of Wayne Fontes remember The Fastest Video Game Guys in History.

The Worst Announcers

Joe Morgan, Dan Marino :: Getty Images

Straight from The Angry T's Web site comes this: "The following is a top 20 list of the most ridiculous sports announcers and analysts of today, complete with videos analyzing their ridiculousness/horribleness." If you read the list, just do us one favor. Send the criticisms to him, not us. This is not our list and we wouldn't have several of those folks on it. So please don't take it out on us. We would, however, have Joe Morgan and Dan Marino on it.

The Land Of Confusion

Antwaan Randle El, Antoine Walker, Antowain Smith, Antawn Jamison and Anton Volchenkov have Mondesi's House so confused that it decided to post about the 10 Most Confusing Names in Sports.

Tale Of The Tape

Yankee Stadium isn't the only institution closing up shop this year. MTV's TRL is also shutting down. How do the two stack up against one another? We'll give you one hint. Derek Jeter has had a big impact on both.

E-Mail Of The Day

Bags, of Bogota, Colombia, writes, "Given Hot Clicks' affection for the women of television -- a stance which I wholeheartedly support and encourage -- I thought this latest compilation of the hottest women on fall TV might spur some discussion. (PS - Out of curiosity, would this be your first offering from Colombia that doesn't result in a full body-cavity search?)."

The Worst Thing About Tiger's Injury has a gallery of Ryder Cup wives. To say there's no one who is one-tenth as hot as Elin Woods in the bunch would be the understatement of the century.

Campus Clicks

Cheyenne Woods :: AP

Tiger Woods' niece is a college golfer ... Unbelievable USC/UCLA stat ... Kirk Herbstreit is too tan ... 15 of the funniest college football quotes ... Video: Profession Wikipedia.

Megan Fox On Facebook

Check out Hot Clicks Facebook group for some must-see Megan Fox pics.

Sports Video Of The Day

For a team that hasn't been in this position before, the Rays are showing some impressive September moxie. But the fans in Tampa are still scare. Ryan Parker suggests Viagra Night, among other giveaways, to help the team's attendance.

More funny videos like the "The Tampa Bay Rays Need Some Fans" at

Falling Down Video Of The Day

Via comes this unfortunate accident.

Music Video Of The Day

Other than "creepy," we're not sure how else to describe this.

Classic Video Of The Day brings out attention to his three-year-old video of Tony Romo talking about how he's just searching for a 5-foot-8 blonde, and how Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff aren't "his thing."

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