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Georgia fans take their football very seriously, no matter where it's played. :: Gary Bogdon/SI

Georgia fan Gray Ghost is mad, and not just sort-of-wounded-and-sad-mad, but "throw it down country-boy mad!" He's taken issue with his fellow Bleacher Report scribe taking the Dawgs to task for rarely travelling far for games. But Gray Ghost wants you all to know Dawgs fans drink sweet tea, not Kool-Aid, and that there are 10 reasons very good reasons Georgia likes to stay in the South (Hint: It has a lot to do with grits, hunting knives and the prospect of a mutt mascot).

The Signage Hall of Fame

Week after week, you roll out of bed, tune into College GameDay and start your Saturday off right by checking out the hilarious, offensive and genuinely clever signage popping up from the crowd. In honor of the show's 15th anniversary, Busted Coverage has the 20 all-time greatest GameDay signs -- and there are terrorist, baby daddy and genital jokes aplenty.

What Lies Beneath

Most cheerleaders walk around with wide, seemingly-genuine smiles plastered to their faces. Hey, it's part of the job description. But sometimes, under those cheery grins and colorful bloomers their lies a dark, twisted soul waiting to invent stalkers, assault classmates and make adult-films on the side. Read about those examples and more on OTR's list of the top 10 cheerleaders gone bad.

The Show Must (And Will) Go On

The Red River Shootout will certainly be worth watching. :: Brian Ray/Icon SMI

For months, college football fans anticipated the USC-OSU showdown. But what was supposed to be an epic championship-esque battle turned into a one-sided beat-down. But fear not, kids. Just because that game was supposed to be the highlight of the season doesn't mean there aren't many other compelling and important matchups still to come. Boosh lists the best remaining duels and -- bonus! -- tailgates, so fill up the tank and head to Texas for the Red River Shootout, Alabama for The Iron Bowl or Missouri for The Border War.

Bye, Bye, Hippo

GW students, say goodbye to your unofficial hippo mascot. Sure, he's got that sweet, wide-eyed expression and powerful jaw you associate with his real-life inspiration, but as an unofficial mascot, he's just not bringing in enough dough. But take solace, you still have George and Big George (and really, how many mascots does one school need?)

A Dead Ringer

Beanie Wells is still only making headlines two reasons: not playing and looking like Flo Rida. And so, The Love of implores you all to start paying attention to Michigan State back Javon Ringer and giving him some Heisman-hype love.

A Close Shave

The folks at Notre Dame Rivals don't have their minds in the gutter, but maybe they should. That way their site won't be full of sexual innuendo and double entendres.

Chuck up the Rain-maker

Football's in full swing, but that doesn't mean we can't start getting pumped for college basketball. Big Lead's got the scoop on Louisville, Maryland and your A-10 stud of the year. If you want to get down to the nitty-gritty, Rush the Court has a thorough breakdown of everything you need to know about the new 3-point line, including which teams will benefit the most and why.

Pop Culture Nugget

If you're 21-and-over, grab a Bud, put on some face paint and dance like a madman, because the Robert Randolf Blitz tour is coming to a college football town near you.

Today In Hot Clicks

Tim Tebow, Reggie Bush, Tom Brady:: Getty Images

The female readers take over Hot Clicks ... Top female sports fans ... Honoring cheerleaders ... Worst In-Game Collapses ... More hazing photos ... Video: Shaq and sons dance ... Odd news report.

Odds and Ends

The Gators have landed the first blow in the Wikipedia war ... USC fans, say goodbye to your dirty dogs ... West Virginia's the new fail ... Virginia's highly-touted freshman QB has been dismissed.

The Great Escape

A (clearly brilliant) dog escapes from his kennel, Spidey-style.

Amazing Dog Escapes from Kennel - Watch more free videos

Grab a Tuba, And a Flag

The Ohio State marching band takes its flag football pretty seriously.

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